Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Give Me Love ~ Part 6

“Excuse me, sir,” said Gerwyn, stopping the man. “Care to join us for a drink?”
The man looked around before pointing to himself in confusion.
“Yes, you,” said Gerwyn, holding up his hands in a peaceful gesture. “Look, it’s nothing weird. We just want to talk and if you don’t like what we have to say, you get a free drink, and we’ve just wasted a little bit of your time is all. What do you say?”
The man shrugged and came over. Gerwyn stood and shook the man’s hand. “I’m Gerwyn and this lovely lady is my friend, Amorette.”
“I’m Todd,” said the man. “Gosh, you guys have some odd names.”
“They’re old family names,” explained Gerwyn, “and ironically they both mean love.”
“Why is that ironic?” asked Todd.
The waitress brought over three drinks and placed them on the table.
“Thanks Kerri,” said Gerwyn with a wink. Kerri the waitress smiled and winked back before attending to her other tables.
“Wow,” said Todd, “you didn’t even have to order.”
“That’s because I’m in here all the time and Kerri not only knows me, she likes me,” stated Gerwyn. “And the reason our names are ironic is because we would like to help you find love.”
Todd held up his drink and let loose a little chuckle. “Well I barely know you and I like you, so I get it. Thanks for the drink man, but I don’t need any help in the love department. I’ve got it handled.”
“Do you?” asked Gerwyn with a tilt of the head, “because Todd, one of the reasons Amorette and I like to frequent this bar is to people watch and we couldn’t help but notice what happened with woman at the bar.”
Todd’s cheek flushed. “Not my best moment.”
“Look,” said Gerwyn, “you want some pointers I’ll happily give them. If you don’t then we can just sit here, enjoy our drinks, and talk about anything else.”
Todd leaned in close. “Can I be honest?”
“Of course,” said Amorette, “you’re among friends here.”
“This is very weird, but I actually could use some help. I have no idea how to talk to women,” confessed Todd.
Gerwyn rubbed his hands together and smiled. “Good, okay, first things first pay attention. Don’t be a stalker and stare at her, but watch the woman with her friends and other people. See how she acts with them. Most women will either be totally comfortable with their friends or they’ll be trying to put on a show making sure the whole room knows they’re the pack leader. Now, I look at you Todd and I see a real guy. Not some jerk trying to make sure the whole room is watching him, just a decent man looking for a lady to settle down with eventually. You don’t have time for a show, you want the real deal.”
“True,” said Todd nodding with excitement. “What do I do if the lady catches me looking?”
“Just give her a little smile,” said Gerwyn. He looked at Amorette and gave her the slightest of smiles, but she felt her stomach flutter at the simple gesture.
“So let me tell you,” continued Gerwyn. “You dodged a bullet when that woman walked away. She wasn’t showing her true self. Sure she was beautiful, but we watched her chastise one of her friends, to the point that the friend had to excuse herself to the restroom because she was so upset. So pay attention and make sure the girl is worth your love.”
“Beauty isn’t everything, that’s for sure,” said Amorette.  
“Says the drop dead gorgeous blonde,” Todd said with a smile. “I know you’ve got to be tired.”
He looked at Amorette with expectations, but she just shook her head in confusion. “Why?”

Gerwyn reached out to stop him, but Todd said it anyway, “Because you’ve been running through my head all day.”

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