Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Give Me Love ~ Part 5

Amorette pulled out an arrow and looked it at longingly. “Well you’re going to have to. It’s not like I can poke you with this and make you love me in the way I desire.”
Tris lowered his brows. “Don’t do anything stupid, you know the punishment is banishment.”
“It’s a silly rule,” stated Amorette as she shoved the arrow back into her quiver.
“Even silly rules have to be followed.”

Chapter 3

The waitress brought over another round of drinks and Amorette thanked her before sliding backing into the cushioned seat and letting out a loud sigh. “This day, ugh.”
Her friend, Gerwyn, followed her lead and she rested her head on his shoulder.
“Come on, now,” said Gerwyn. “It can’t be that bad.”
“Any afternoon spent with Tris lecturing me is that bad,” said Amorette.
“He can lecture all he wants,” said Gerwyn. “The elders have been very clear, you don’t have to couple until you’re ready and if you’re never ready Tris will just have to deal.”
“I’m afraid ‘dealing’ is not a strong suite of Tris’s,” said Amorette. “He’s going to bug me until I agree out of sheer exhaustion.”
“He’s probably counting on that,” Gerwyn said with a sly smile.
“Why couldn’t I be coupled with you,” Amorette whined. “At least I like you.”
“Oh girl, you know you love me,” said Gerwyn giving her a wink.
Amorette gave him a smile. Gerwyn had been her oldest and dearest friend since they were cherubs. They did love each other, but it was the kind of love shared between friends that became family.
“I do,” said Amorette. She leaned forward and looked around the room. “Guess we should get to work.”
“Oh yes, we’ve got to meet those quotas,” said Gerwyn sarcasm dripping from his voice. He picked up his drink and pointed it towards a guy at the bar, trying to hook up with a girl. “See that right there is why we’re needed. He’s a good guy, but he’s got no game.”
“And how do you know so much about game?” asked Amorette. “It’s not like you pick up women on a nightly basis.”
“We’ve been doing this for centuries and you’re telling me you haven’t picked up on what lines work and what doesn’t?” asked Gerwyn.
“I don’t usually listen to their words, but their auras,” explained Amorette.
Gerwyn smiled. “You are an old soul Amorette, even older than we actually are.” He nodded his head in the direction of the man again. “He’s just asked that gorgeous woman if it hurt when she fell out of Heaven.”
“And of course she’s looking at him all weird, because that doesn’t even make sense,” said Amorette.
“Oh, but it does,” Gerwyn said with a smile, “because she’s an angel.”
Amorette rolled her eyes. “And that’s why she’s walking away. I get it and you’re right, he has no game.”
“So let’s do what cupids should do and help him out.”
Amorette’s eyes grew. “So you’re going to hit her with an arrow so she’ll like him?”
Gerwyn chuckled. “No, I read the auras too and that match would be a disaster for him. She would lead him around on a string and he would do anything she asked, without question.” He shook his head. “No, what I’m gonna do is teach him how to talk to a woman, but I’ll need your help.”
“Okay,” said Amorette with a smile, “Sure, I’ll play your ‘game’.”
The man starts to walk by their table towards the door.
“Excuse me, sir,” said Gerwyn, stopping the man. “Care to join us for a drink?”
The man looked around before pointing to himself in confusion.

“Yes, you,” said Gerwyn, holding up his hands in a peaceful gesture. “Look, it’s nothing weird. We just want to talk and if you don’t like what we have to say, you get a free drink, and we’ve just wasted a little bit of your time is all. What do you say?”

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