Friday, June 2, 2017

Give Me Love ~ Part 4

“Do I really have to hear this ol’ speech again?” Tris interrupted her. “We get it, you love love. But we are not in the business of passion my darling, we are in the business of spreading love. No one says it has to stick.”
“It didn’t used to be that way,” stated Amorette, “and no, Tris, you don’t have to listen to me go on and on about love, you’re welcome to leave any time. In fact, I’d prefer it that way.”
“Forgive me, darling,” said Tris. “We are coupled and therefore; I should try and be sensitive to the way you see things, whether or not I believe them to be a colossal waste of time.”
“We are not coupled yet,” Amorette corrected.
“And why is that exactly?” Tris narrowed his eyes at her. “Oh yes, you refuse to come to the ceremony. It’s all logistics my dear Amorette, we’re already meant to be united. The elders have said so and you are just fighting the inevitable.”
Amorette lowered her voice. “Give me a reason to love you and I’ll change my mind about the coupling. I can’t be bound to a cupid who doesn’t believe in love.”
“The only reason you need is because it is your duty,” growled Tris. “You speak of love as if it’s some kind of euphoria. Very few people get to experience what this couple will get to, but most of the time love is not euphoric, it ends in a pool of heartache, tears and bitterness. Let’s face it, darling, love is just a silly game the mortals play and very few come out winners.”
“Love is our job,” countered Amorette, “so why not be passionate about it? Why shouldn’t I want to experience the feeling? I believe in what I’m doing with all my heart, so why not put my own heart on the line if I’m willing to play with mortal’s?”
“You’re missing the point, darling,” said Tris. “Being coupled means never having to go through that heartache. The job is to spread love, not make it last and definitely not experience it. Do you remember when we used to let cupids love? I know we were both little cherubs at the time, but I still recall the clouds being in chaos. Jealousy and bitterness were running amok and it created such an air of despair that we caused a bloody ice age on Earth. Do you want that repeated?”
“Of course not,” said Amorette.  
“Then accept your fate and couple with me,” demanded Tris.
“I’m not ready,” said Amorette. “The elders have said there is no rush. There are plenty of other cupids having cherubs.”
“I don’t like waiting, darling,” said Tris.
Amorette pulled out an arrow and looked it at longingly. “Well you’re going to have to. It’s not like I can poke you with this and make you love me in the way I desire.”
Tris lowered his brows. “Don’t do anything stupid, you know the punishment is banishment.”
“It’s a silly rule,” stated Amorette as she shoved the arrow back into her quiver.

“Even silly rules have to be followed.”

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