Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Give Me Love - Part 3

Priya grabbed the arrow out of Amorrette’s grasp.  “Don’t you ever say that again. In fact, don’t you even think it. You know how much trouble you could get into. It is against the law to poke yourself or any other cupid with an arrow. Cupids can’t fall in love with humans, they are to be coupled with other cupids. You know the punishment is …”
Amorette held up her hand. “I know, I know … if I prick myself with the arrow and fall in love with a human, I will banished to the outer world, forced to walk alone for all eternity.”
“So would experiencing love really be worth it?” asked Priya.
“I believe it would.”

Chapter 2

Amorette eyed the couple picnicking under the large oak tree in the park. She stood just on the other side of the tree with her bow in hand so they couldn’t see or hear her. Their bright pink auras mingled together and danced in front of the blue sky. Amorette wanted to dance and laugh with the auras, the couple’s happiness was contagious causing Amorette to long for a love of her own.
Amorette knew this was a couple who would last a lifetime, if not lifetimes. They had found each other in this life and would have their happily ever afters. Most likely they would find each other in the next life too and again experience the same happiness. They were the lucky ones who had found their soul mate. Once you found your soul mate, you were destined to be together for an eternity.
She knew she needed to make it official. There was no reason for the couple to prolong feeling the full effects of the love they shared. Amorette lifted her bow and pulled out a single arrow. They were snuggled so close to each other, she wouldn’t need two.
The shot was quick and hit its easy mark. The couple stopped talking, looked deep into each other’s eyes and then very slowly, the man brushed a stray hair from the woman’s cheek just before planting a soft kiss on her lips.
Amorette turned, closed her eyes, and let out a happy sigh as she leaned against the tree.
“Hello darling.”
Amorette’s smile faded as she opened her eyes. “Hello Tris.”
He carried his bow loosely in his hand, so Amorette did not worry about the happy couple seeing or hearing him. He was being careful, as Tris always was. He came in close and leaned into her, placing one hand on the tree.
“Missed you last night,” said Tris.
“I was working,” explained Amorette. “Gotta meet that quota, right?”
She help up her bow as if proving her point. She hated that he was so close to her and fought the urge to push him away. Silently she vowed not to let Tris get under her skin, she was in far too good of a mood.
“There’s a concert at Hartner Square, you could just throw some darts in the crowd and see what sticks,” said Tris. “Quota met and an extra fun time for some random music lovers, win win.”
Amorette rolled her eyes. “You know I don’t see it that way. I want to find soul mates like this couple behind the tree.”
Tris leaned over and looked at the couple before making a face of disgust. “They’re just talking.”
“What’s wrong with that?”
Tris shrugged. “Just seems a little boring is all.”
“Love is not boring, Tris,” snapped Amorette. “It’s passionate and …”
“Do I really have to hear this ol’ speech again?” Tris interrupted her. “We get it, you love love. But we are not in the business of passion my darling, we are in the business of spreading love. No one says it has to stick.”

“It didn’t used to be that way,” stated Amorette, “and no, Tris, you don’t have to listen to me go on and on about love, you’re welcome to leave any time. In fact, I’d prefer it that way.”

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