Friday, May 26, 2017

Give Me Love ~ Part 2

She pulled out her bow and two golden arrows. Placing both arrows in the bow, she pulled back and released. Her left arrow hit the mark and landed on the man, but her right arrow went askew and hit a woman who was dancing with another man in the middle of the crowded dance floor.
Amorette hated the way Priya acted so nonchalantly towards mortal’s hearts. She slammed her glass on the table. She knew what was going to happen next. There would be a fight over the dancing woman Priya had hit accidently and the brunette by the wall would leave feeling just as lonely and sad.
She sighed heavily as she pulled out her bow and quickly scanned the club for an aura that would match that of the brunette’s. Sitting at the bar was a man hunkered over a drink. His aura told her he was nursing a broken heart and would be a good match for the brunette. She placed two arrows in her bow, set her sights, before releasing her breath to steady her shot. She let the arrows fly and each hit their mark.
The guy at the bar turned just as the man Priya had hit with her arrow punched the guy that had been dancing with the woman. Amorette could see the flash in the man by the bar eyes as he realized the brunette was stuck in the midst of the fight. He hurried over to her and pulled her out of the way, just as the men from the dance floor crashed into the spot she had been standing.
Amorette watched as the brunette thanked her hero and the two of them walked over to the bar together, before she flashed Priya a dirty look and stormed towards the club door.
As Amorette exited the club, Priya ran out after her and grabbed her arm.
“What’s your problem?” asked Priya as Amorette turned to face her. “Even with that last couple, you haven’t reached your quota.” She gave Amoretta a sly smile. “Come on, just throw some darts and then we’ll go have a little fun of our own. You know Tris is having a party topside.”
“The last thing I want to do is hang out in the clouds with Tris,” said Amoretta.
“The elders have spoken, he’s your match, Amoretta,” said Priya. “The sooner you accept that, the sooner you two can be coupled, and then you can have the relationship you’re always droning on about.”
“But it won’t be love,” sighed Amoretta. “I want love and the elders have been very specific that I don’t have to be coupled to Tris until I’m ready. There’s no time limit and I may never be ready for that.”
“Do you know how many cupids would love to be coupled with Tris?” Priya’s mouth hung open. “You’re so lucky. He’s gorgeous, successful, has a slew of followers, and did I mention he’s gorgeous?”
“There’s more to a relationship than just looks,” said Amorette. She pulled an arrow from her quiver and fingered it gently. “I just want to feel real love. I don’t want to be coupled by a bunch of elders who have never been coupled themselves.”
“Love is nothing but trouble,” Priya said with a scowl. “Most of the time it causes heartache. Why the mortals want it so badly, I will never understand.”
 “Oh but Priya, don’t you get how true love makes mortals feel unbelievably happy. It’s like they’re just walking around wrapped in a hug of giddiness.” She smiled and clasped her hands together. “I can’t imagine that feeling of being in love and just knowing that everything is going to fall into place. The anticipation of when you’ll get to see them next and the overwhelming sensation of relief and calm when you do. It’s the type of feeling that makes you feel stronger and more fragile all at the same time.”
“Sounds terrible,” said Priya rolling her eyes.
“I think it sound wonderful,” said Amorette as she eyed the arrow. “So wonderful I think about pricking my own finger just to get a taste of it.”
Priya grabbed the arrow out of Amorrette’s grasp.  “Don’t you ever say that again. In fact, don’t you even think it. You know how much trouble you could get into. It is against the law to poke yourself or any other cupid with an arrow. Cupids can’t fall in love with humans, they are to be coupled with other cupids. You know the punishment is …”
Amorette held up her hand. “I know, I know … if I prick myself with the arrow and fall in love with a human, I will banished to the outer world, forced to walk alone for all eternity.”
“So would experiencing love really be worth it?” asked Priya.

“I believe it would.”

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