Friday, March 17, 2017

The Dark Heart ~ Part 40

Alister let out a groan and Emberlyn rushed back to his side, throwing the key to Charles. He caught the key and then turned his back to Emberlyn in order to talk to Jackson.
“Just so you know, she’s a witch,” said Charles. “Well she used to be. She gave up her magical powers for you. Too bad she isn’t very smart. If she were smarter, then she would have used the password for leverage. Instead, she gave me everything I needed. Now I can just kill you all.”
Charles raised the gun and Emberlyn prayed he was bluffing. She looked at Alister, hoping he had enough strength to use his magic, but he hadn’t regained consciousness since he had been shot. Her eyes fell on the vanity stool.
Quickly, yet quietly, she stood grabbed the vanity stool and slammed it over Charles head. He turned and looked at her, surprise plastered on his face before dropping the gun and wilting to the ground.
Jackson reached over and grabbed the gun.
“Are you okay?” asked Emberlyn as she hurried to him.
“I’m fine,” said Jackson. “You need to use your magic and heal Alister.”
“I can’t,” said Emberlyn.
“You mean Charles wasn’t lying? You gave up your magic?” His voice cracked and Emberlyn could see tears forming. She could see now that that was the last thing he would have asked her to do. That he would never try to change her and would love her for who she was.
“You gave up your magic for me?” he asked again in a whisper as he shook his head.
Emberlyn couldn’t answer. She had been a fool to give up something so precious before giving Jackson time to think. She rushed to her phone and dialed 911. She hastily gave the operator the address, before hanging up and kneeling before Alister. His eyes fluttered open.
“What’s going on? Are you okay, Emberlyn?” he asked.
“I’m fine, but you’ve been shot,” explained Emberlyn. “You saved me. I’m so sorry, I can’t save you back.”
“Silly girl,” said Alister, reaching up to brush a hair off Emberlyn’s cheek. “You’ve saved me a million times over, in more ways than I could explain. I would gladly give my life for yours, but just do that spell I taught you, and all will be right again.”
“I can’t,” cried Emberlyn. “I gave up my magic before I knew Charles was here. After seeing the look on Jackson’s face at The Shack, I thought I had to choose between love and magic.” She looked up at Jackson. “I picked him.”
“Of course you did, sweetheart,” said Alister, giving her a weak smile. “You picked love, just as I did.”
“But you didn’t have to,” said Jackson. “Emberlyn, I love you for who you are. I was an idiot to run out of the store like that. I was exhausted after what happened with Genna and being at the hospital all night. I wasn’t thinking straight. I would never want you to change for me. I love you.”
“I know,” Emberlyn whispered. She looked at him, tears spilling onto her cheeks. “I love you, too.”
“Well, it’s settled then,” said Alister.
He began to mutter a spell and Emberlyn instantly knew the words. Alister was giving up his magic, but had altered the spell slightly in a way she didn’t understand.
“You can’t,” cried Emberlyn, “your magic may be the only thing keeping you alive. Alister please, no.”
The room filled with a brilliant blue light, much brighter than Emberlyn’s magic had been when it left her body. She wanted to stop Alister and cry out for him to cease his spell again, but a high pitched ring took over the room.
Emberlyn covered her ears and closed her eyes as the room got brighter than her eyes could bear. She felt a hand grab hers and opened her eyes just enough to see Jackson’s fingers laced with hers. Through the light and noise he had crawled to be near her. She grabbed Alister’s hand with her free hand and then raised her head to the sky as the ringing and blue light burst out the windows and everything went black.

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