Tuesday, March 14, 2017

The Dark Heart ~ Part 39

“I have never used magic to get people to give me money,” stated Emberlyn.
“Regardless, you owe me about five million dollars, let’s go ahead and round up, due to interest and make it an even ten.”
“I’m not giving you anything,” said Emberlyn.
“Then you’ll die.”
Charles raised the gun.
“Alister!” Emberlyn screamed.
Thunder and lightning rocked the house as her bedroom door burst open. Charles pulled the trigger. Emberlyn closed her eyes, threw out of hands in a feeble act of protection, and braced herself for the pain of the bullet.
Instead of feeling the pierce of the bullet, she felt something heavy fall into her arms. She opened her eyes and wrapped her arms around Alister as they both fell to the ground. Her eyes grew wide as they fell on the dark red spot that grew near Alister’s collarbone. He had been shot.
“No, Alister! No. No. No.”
The wind wailed as Emberlyn let out a cry of anguish and pressed her hands against the wound, just as Jackson barreled through the open door. He didn’t hesitate to tackle Charles.
Emberlyn held Alister’s wound tight and watched as Jackson tried to wrestle Charles to the ground. Charles pushed back, causing both men to slam into Emberlyn’s dresser. The mirror shattered.
Jackson let out a cry as a piece of glass cut his arm. Charles cocked the gun, just as Jackson grabbed him around the waist and rammed him into the wall. He placed his elbow just under Charles’s neck to pin him and then reached for the gun.
The gun went off a second time and Emberlyn jumped as Jackson fell to the ground.
She screamed for Jackson. He sat up on his elbows and Emberlyn could see the bullet wound in his thigh.
Charles stood tall and again pointed his gun at Emberlyn.
“Good lord, all I wanted was some money and you all have to go and get all violent. You could have just written a check, but no. Now two people have been shot.” He gave Alister a look. “Of course, I didn’t really mind shooting him.” He walked around, his back to Emberlyn and gave Jackson a look. “You’re the guy that punched me in the garden. So, yeah, not feeling too bad about shooting you either.”
He turned so he could look at both Jackson and Emberlyn.
“Oh my god, are you two a thing? Did our little tiff in the garden, bring you two together?” He giggled sarcastically. “Emberlyn, you should give me the money for that reason alone. It’s too bad really, because, I’m a big fan of love, but now I have to kill you both.”
He looked at Jackson. “Really sucks for you. I had kind of made up my mind to go ahead and kill Emberlyn and Alister. Man, they are thorns in my side, but you just made the mistake of falling for the wrong girl and I can’t have any witnesses.”
“Take the money,” cried Emberlyn. She gently laid Alister down and ran to a picture on the far wall. She threw the picture to the side and quickly tapped in the code, before placing her thumb on the fingerprint reader. The door clicked open.
“There’s about half a million in here,” she said, before grabbing a little box. “You can take this key to the bank on Burbank. The code word is Ashwood. You can have everything in the box, no one will question you as long as you have the key and password. It isn’t ten million dollars, but it’s enough that you’ll live comfortably for a long time. I swear you’ll never hear from any of us again. Just go so I can call an ambulance for Alister.”
Alister let out a groan and Emberlyn rushed back to his side, throwing the key to Charles. He caught the key and then turned his back to Emberlyn in order to talk to Jackson.

“Just so you know, she’s a witch,” said Charles. “Well she used to be. She gave up her magical powers for you. Too bad she isn’t very smart. If she were smarter, then she would have used the password for leverage. Instead, she gave me everything I needed. Now I can just kill you all.”

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