Friday, March 10, 2017

The Dark Heart ~ Part 38

Surely, Alister would understand and one day, when the time was right, he could restore her magic. She looked in the mirror again. Once her magic was gone, she would start aging again. She thought of her and Jackson growing old together.
Her hands flew to her belly, maybe they could even have a child or two together. Watch them grow up and then start families of their own. She could live a lifetime with Jackson in love. She knew in her heart that they would have their happily ever after.
Squaring her shoulders, she started the spell again. A bright blue light began to fill the room as the magical essence inside Emberlyn lifted away from her body.
Emberlyn’s essence grew brighter before exploding across the room, causing Emberlyn to fall to the ground. As the room returned to its normal state, she looked around. The storm still raged outside and the room appeared to be the same as it has been before.
She stood and walked to the window. She placed her hands on the glass and muttered a spell that would cause the rains to go away and the sun to return. As she finished the spell, she giggled as the rain continued to fall. She said the sunshine spell again and then laughed even harder as the thunderstorm continued.
Her laughter stopped as she heard her closet door squeak open. She turned slowly and felt bile rise to her throat as Charles Russell walked from behind the closet door and pointed his gun right at her.
“I always knew there was something strange about you,” he snarled.
Emberlyn made herself taller and crossed her arms. “You have no right to be here. Get out, now!”
Charles wiggled the gun in front of her. “Now, is that anyway to talk to the person in charge? Seems to me that I’m the one with the gun, you should shut up and listen.”
Emberlyn gave Charles a smirk as she started to mutter a spell. She threw her hands in the air, as if to cast Charles out of her room, but nothing happened. Her heart sank, she had given up her magic.
“Oops.” Now it was Charles’s turn to smirk. “You see I heard your little self-loathing rant. You gave up your only defense. Seems you have nothing.”
“What do you want?” demanded Emberlyn. “Why are you even here?”
Charles made a clicked his tongue. “Can’t I come see my fiancée?”
“Ex- fiancée,” Emberlyn corrected.
“Details,” Charles said nonchalantly. “Speaking of details, you seem to be forgetting one tiny one.”
“What’s that?” asked Emberlyn.
“The fact that you and your henceman, Alister, cost me a lot of money,” said Charles. “You outed my little con and I can’t say I appreciated that. Had you just let me leave with the funds…,” he looked at the gun. “… then I wouldn’t have to resort to such drastic measures.”
“You were stealing from charities,” snapped Emberlyn. “I wasn’t going to let you get away with that.”
“Why not?” snarled Charles. “You were probably using your little magical powers to get people to open their checkbooks. I just used my intellectual powers to do the same. We really aren’t that different.”
“I have never used magic to get people to give me money,” stated Emberlyn.
“Regardless, you owe me about five million dollars, let’s go ahead and round up, due to interest and make it an even ten.”
“I’m not giving you anything,” said Emberlyn.

“Then you’ll die.”

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