Tuesday, March 7, 2017

The Dark Heart ~ Part 37

“Wait,” Jackson shook his head, “Charles Russell was at the party. He’s the guy I punched in the garden. I thought he was dead.”
“He’d like the whole world to believe that,” said Alister, taking a sip of his tea. “He is a con man and swindled a lot of people out of money. He tried to do the same with Emberlyn. She exposed him for the con man he was and he lost everything. The car crash was staged, but as you could tell from your encounter in the garden he is very much alive, as is Emberlyn’s former assistant. I believe she lives in Minnesota now.”
“So why was he here?” asked Jackson.
“Charles Russell is only after one thing,” said Alister. “Money.”

Chapter 12

Emberlyn sat at her vanity in her large master bedroom and stared at herself in the mirror. She had cried more tears than she thought was possible. The wind howled outside as the rain lashed against the windows.
Her mind turned to the storm she had caused in Jackson’s shop and the way he had looked at her. It was a look of absolute horror.
“What did you expect?” she asked herself in the mirror. “Genna almost died due to your stupid actions. You’re always thinking you’ve got it all down, but you know nothing, and now you’ve lost him for good.” She narrowed her eyes at herself. “You disgust me.”
She screamed at the mirror before grabbing her hairbrush and throwing it against her reflection. The mirror burst into a hundred pieces. Emberlyn stood, waved her hand over the mess and muttered a spell. The mirror magically put itself back together without a single crack or blemish remaining.
She looked at her hands. Her mind turned to her magic and love. She wondered if either had ever done any good. Love seemed to be nothing but trouble. A madman, thinking he loved her had killed her entire family. Then there was Charles Russell, confessing his undying love only to get to her money. Money she wouldn’t even have had her family not perished so many years ago. Her heart ached at the thought. Was it the magic or was it love that was her nemesis?
She had sworn off love decades before, but kept her magic, yet still found heartache. Maybe the two went hand in hand?
Emberlyn looked again in the mirror. “Maybe the trick is to get rid of the magic?”
Closing her eyes, Emberlyn began to recite an old spell she had taught herself years before in secret. It was as spell she would never let Alister know she knew. Her heart dropped and she ceased her spell, as she thought of her guardian. His heart would be broken when he found out.
“Am I making a mistake?” she asked herself. “I’m just being stupid.”
Her mind turned to Jackson again. He would never accept her magic. It was too much for him. Emberlyn bit her lip, her mind made up. She would give up magic for love.
Surely, Alister would understand and one day, when the time was right, he could restore her magic. She looked in the mirror again. Once her magic was gone, she would start aging again. She thought of her and Jackson growing old together.
Her hands flew to her belly, maybe they could even have a child or two together. Watch them grow up and then start families of their own. She could live a lifetime with Jackson in love. She knew in her heart that they would have their happily ever after.

Squaring her shoulders, she started the spell again. A bright blue light began to fill the room as the magical essence inside Emberlyn lifted away from her body. 

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