Tuesday, March 21, 2017

The Dark Heart ~ The Conclusion

Emberlyn covered her ears and closed her eyes as the room got brighter than her eyes could bear. She felt a hand grab hers and opened her eyes just enough to see Jackson’s fingers laced with hers. Through the light and noise he had crawled to be near her. She grabbed Alister’s hand with her free hand and then raised her head to the sky as the ringing and blue light burst out the windows and everything went black.

Chapter 13

Jackson concentrated on the small African violet plant in Embelryn’s vast garden. The poor thing had been left unwatered and looked to be on its last legs. He took a deep breath and then visualized the little plant perking up as its leaves greened and its dark purple flowers blossomed. He muttered the words Emberlyn taught him and then cheered as the plant not only perked up, but grew into a bush full of violet blooms.
“Well, that’s one way,” said Emberlyn with a laugh.
Jackson gave her a smile. “Go big or go home, right?”
He leaned back in his chair. “This is wild.”
“What?” asked Emberlyn.
“Magic,” said Jackson, “two weeks ago I didn’t even know magic was real and now I have actual magical powers. I feel like Superman.” He gave her a wink. “Come on, I took a bullet to the leg and now it’s like it never happened.”
“Because of Alister.” Emberlyn’s face fell. “We all know Superman can stop bullets with his teeth, witches are not so lucky.”
Jackson reached over and gave Emberlyn’s hand a gentle squeeze. “Alister gave us all a very special gift that day. We have to remember that and not what happened with Charles.”
Emberlyn let out a grunt of disgust. “How did I ever fall for that man?”
“He was a con artist,” Jackson said with a shrug. “Their game is to trick people. You couldn’t have known and you have to stop blaming yourself.”
“At least now he won’t be able to hurt anyone else,” said Emberlyn as she stood. “He’s been denied bail and will hopefully spend a lifetime in jail for what he did to Alister. I just wish there was more I could do.”
Jackson stood and wrapped her in a hug. “We both know Alister wouldn’t change a thing.”
“You’re darn right I wouldn’t,” said Alister as he walked into the garden, his arm in a sling.
“You should be in bed,” scolded Emberlyn as she broke from the hug.
Alister waved her off with his good hand. “Nonsense, I feel amazing and the best medicine is being around the people I love.” He looked at the African violet. “The lessons are going well I see.”
“I’m honored that you found me worthy of sharing your magic with. I won’t let you down,” said Jackson. He grabbed Emberlyn’s hand. “I’ll protect both her person and her heart, just as you have done all these years.”
“Now, if you two are done with your lessons, I think it’s time for tea,” said Alister.
“I’ll get it,” said Emberlyn.
“No need,” said Alister. He snapped his fingers and his sling disappeared. He rolled his arms in a big circle as if stretching it out. “All better.”
Emberlyn gasped. “But you gave away all your magic!”
“No, my dear,” said Alister, giving his head a little shake. “Just most of it. I’ve been alive for centuries and had a lot to give. I’m not as strong as I once was, but that’ll change over time. It’s a sacrifice I would make for you a hundred times over, even if it meant losing it all.”
“You sly devil,” said Jackson. “We’ve been waiting hand and foot on your for weeks.”
Alister gave Jackson a smile, before turning and walking towards the house.
Jackson looked at Emberlyn. “I meant what I said to Alister, Emberlyn, I’ll spend my entire life loving and protecting you, if you’ll have me.”
 Emberlyn tilted her head up and gently caressed Jackson’s lips with hers. He wrapped his arms around her, as she curved her body into his. Jackson felt as if he were floating as they drank each other in. Emberlyn gently backed away and Jackson saw that they were, indeed, hovering just a few inches off the ground. They floated back to the ground and Jackson couldn’t help but give her another kiss.
His heart was light and he knew his love would chase away any of the dark that still lingered in hers.

The End

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