Tuesday, February 21, 2017

The Dark Heart ~ Part 35

She gave him a small smile and then hurried out of the kitchen. As she left, Alister went back to his kettle and finished filling it with water. He whistled a little tune while he put the kettle over heat, grabbed another dish towel from the drawer, and then hurried to the front door. No bell had been rung, but Alister knew they had company.
“Won’t you come in, Mr. Hunt? It is a mighty nasty storm,” said Alister to a drenched looking Jackson.
Jackson blinked hard as he stepped inside. “You know it’s only raining over your house right?”
Alister nodded and handed Jackson the towel. “I’m afraid this happens when Emberlyn gets upset.”
Jackson hung his head as he took the towel. “And I’m afraid I had something to do with that. Can I talk to her?”
“Yes,” said Alister, “but first come have some tea with me. I assure you I can answer the bulk of your questions and she just needs a little time.”
“I really need to see her,” begged Jackson.
“You will,” assured Alister, “but I insist you come with me first.”
Alister watched as Jackson looked from him to the large stairs leading up to the second floor. As Jackson’s shoulder’s dropped, Alister knew he’d follow him into the kitchen for tea. He started to walk and Jackson followed. The kettle sang as they entered the kitchen.
“Have a seat, please,” said Alister as he gestured to the table. He grabbed a ceramic tea pot and plopped two tea bags into the bottom. Then poured the hot water into the pot. “Milk? Honey? Sugar?”
“Honey is fine,” said Jackson as he sat.
“To answer your first question,” Alister glanced over at Jackson. “Yes, I’m a witch too, but I prefer being called a warlock, and I have been Emberlyn’s guardian since the day she was born.”
“So can you read minds?” asked Jackson.
Alister shook his head as he placed the honey on the table. “I’m really good at reading people and logically, I knew that would be your first question. I can sense when others are around though, like you being at the front door. I’ve made us some Lemon Balm tea, it’s great for the nerves. I hope that’s okay.”
“Thank you,” said Jackson as Alister sat two tea cups on table, followed by the tea pot.
Alister sat across from Jackson. “She’s had a very hard life you know. Love has not come easily to her and every time she has managed to catch it, it’s been brutally ripped from her hands. She had done well to remain free of the chains of love, until you came along.”
Jackson shook his head. “She was nothing but honest with me. I should have listened. I just felt such a connection to her. It was like I couldn’t help myself.”
“True love is like that,” Alister said with a chuckle as he poured the tea.
“True love?” Jackson cocked his head.
“We’ll get into all of that, but you have some decisions to make,” said Alister, “and you can’t make any decisions without all the information. So let’s start at the beginning. Magic is real and Emberlyn has magic within her. That is the first fact you must come to terms with. If you can’t get past that, then you should go out the way you came. The magic is as much a part of her as her love.”
Jackson took a sip of tea. “After what I saw today in my store, I believe magic is real and that Emberlyn has … um … talent with it.”
“She does indeed,” said Alister. “Second term, sometimes that magic gets away from her … for example the storm outside and what happened to your friend Genna.”

Jackson shook his head. “Now that is what I’ll have a hard time coming to terms with. I can’t have people getting hurt on my account.”

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