Friday, February 17, 2017

The Dark Heart ~ Part 34

Jackson blinked hard as The Shack filled with sunlight from the windows. As his eyes adjusted to the light, he expected to see his store in chaos, but everything was right back where it belonged, except for all the bloody bandages from the paramedics, those were gone.
Jackson looked to around his store, then to Emberlyn. His thoughts were traveling in a million different directions.
“Magic is real?” he whispered. “And you’re a witch? You made Genna cut herself over me?”
“No, Jackson, the love spell wasn’t supposed to go that far. It was supposed to be a crush, not an infatuation. I never meant for that to happen. You have to believe …”
Jackson held his hand up and shook his head. “I can’t ... I need to think.”
Then he turned and walked out into the morning.

Chapter 11

Alister heard the storm approaching and quickly ordered the staff to close all the shutters and curtains of Emberlyn’s house and then go home for the day. He had been preparing for the storm since Emberlyn had started seeing Jackson.
He had hoped that when Jackson learned the truth he would be opened minded. But now as the once sunny morning skies turned dark as night as the clouds moved in, it appeared he had not taken the news well.
Alister sighed and started to fill the kettle with water. He loved Emberlyn as if she were his own daughter and every time her heart was broken, so was his. First, when the young man she desired never showed for their midnight walk, again when in the same evening her entire family had been brutally murdered by the fire that claimed their house in the woods, and yet again when her fiancée had run off with her assistant.
He had been there for every heartache.
Embelryn burst through the back door as lightning flashed behind her. Her wet hair blowing wild as her face showed nothing but anguish.
Alister hurried to the close the distance between them and embraced her in a hug. She quickly wrapped her arms around him.
“Oh Alister,” she cried. “I tried not to fall in love with him, I really did.”
“Emberlyn, you know the heart has a mind of its own,” said Alister. He gently lifted Emberlyn’s chin with his hand. “What did Jackson say?”
“That he needed to think,” said Emberlyn as she walked to the kitchen table. Alister grabbed her a towel.
“That sounds promising,” said Alister.
Emberlyn shook her head. “You should have seen the look on his face. I was careless and the love spell I cast on Genna was too powerful. She cut her wrist tonight, Alister. She could have died had Jackson not stopped her. I saw it all when I went to the store. It all flashed before me like a bad movie. That poor girl could have died … I almost killed her.”
Alister put a gentle hand on Emberlyn’s arm. “But she’ll be okay?”
Emberlyn nodded and looked at Alister with sad eyes. “You know it’s time.”
This time it was Alister’s turn to nod. He gave her hand a small pat. “Yes, I’ll start making the moving arrangements in the morning. Where should we go this time?”
Emberlyn stood. “Marseille, I’d like to stay by the sea.”
“We’ll be there by the week’s end,” stated Alister.
Emberlyn let out a small sob as she turned and started towards the stairs leading to her room.
“Emberlyn,” Alister called.
She stopped and turned to face him.
“It may take me a little longer to get us to Marseille,” he said. “Who knows maybe Jackson will come around before we leave? I truly believe he has a good heart.”
Emberlyn hurried to Alister and gave him another hug. “You’re sweet to say that.”
“I’ll make us some tea,” said Alister.
She gave him a small smile and then hurried out of the kitchen. As she left, Alister went back to his kettle and finished filling it with water. He whistled a little tune while he put the kettle over heat, grabbed another dish towel from the drawer, and then hurried to the front door. No bell had been rung, but Alister knew they had company.

“Won’t you come in, Mr. Hunt? It is a mighty nasty storm,” said Alister to a drenched looking Jackson.

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