Friday, January 27, 2017

The Dark Heart ~ Part 32

He looked at Jackson, his brow furrowed. “I’ve got to tell you something, man. These last few weeks that Genna’s been hanging all over you have been really tough on me. We’ve … Genna and I … well … Jackson, I’m not sure how to say all this without you hating me.”
“I’m not going to hate you,” said Jackson. “What is it?”
“Okay,” Tucker said quickly, “I knew you had a crush on Genna and I know I encouraged you to go after her at Emberlyn’s party … but Genna and I were kind of hooking up at the time.”
“I know,” said Jackson, “I saw you two kissing, remember?”
“But it was more than just kissing and it was more than that one night,” confessed Tucker.
“So if you were seeing Genna, why did you push me to go to the charity ball in the first place and sweep Genna off her feet?”
“Because I thought Genna and I were just a fling; that we were just having fun,” said Tucker. “But then she started falling all over you and wouldn’t have anything to do with me. I missed her … a lot.” Tears started to form in the corners of Tucker’s eyes. “I think I love her, Jackson. That’s why I kissed her at the party even though I had encouraged you to go after her. Even then I didn’t want to lose her, even if it was to a good guy like you … and now … if I lose her for good….”
Jackson gave his friend a hug.
Genna’s doctor came out the large ER doors and glanced around the room. “Mr. Hunt?”
“Genna’s doctor,” said Jackson and they both hurried to him.
“Mr. Hunt,” said the doctor, “you’ll be happy to hear, your friend is doing well. Has her family arrived yet?”
Jackson shook his head. “I did get a hold of them, but they were in San Francisco. They’re flying back as we speak.”
The doctor nodded and looked at his clipboard. “She said you have her phone and she asked if you’d call Tucker Hearst.”
“I’m Tucker.” Tucker raised his hand as if he were in grade school.
“Good,” said the doctor, “she’ll be kept overnight for observation and then we’ll go from there. Right now she’s waiting for a bed upstairs, so she’s still down here. We only allow one visitor at a time, so Mr. Hunt if you’ll follow me.”
“Tucker will be the one going,” said Jackson. “I’ll wait here for Genna’s family.” He handed Genna’s phone to Tucker. “Tell her all I want for her is to get better. Keep me posted, okay?”
Tucker nodded.
“Mr. Hearst, right this way,” said the doctor.
Tucker gave Jackson a thankful look before following the doctor.
“Tucker,” Jackson called before they walked back through the large doors. “Don’t waste another minute. Tell Genna how you feel.”
Tucker gave Jackson a smile as they went through the large doors.

 Chapter 10

By the time Jackson got back to The Shack the sun was beginning to rise. His legs felt like lead and all he wanted to do was to fall down into his bed and sleep for a week. Unfortunately, he knew he needed to go to the shop. He couldn’t remember if he had locked the door when he followed the paramedics out with Genna and he knew there was a lot of medical paraphernalia lying around from where they had stopped Genna’s wrist from bleeding. He wanted to get that cleaned up before Nora came in. He didn’t want anyone else to have to see the carnage.

He pushed slightly on the door and wasn’t surprised when it opened easily. As he stepped inside he sucked in a breath and took a quick step back as a figure stood in the shadows of the darkened store.

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