Tuesday, January 17, 2017

The Dark Heart ~ Part 30

Genna stood in the doorway, her hair was ratted and mangled as if she had been pulling at it all night and the bags under her eyes gave testament to the fact that she hadn’t slept the night before either. Her clothes were rumpled and Jackson noticed cuts on her upper right thigh. He sucked in a breath as Genna brushed a large chef’s knife over her thigh, causing her pants to rip a little more.
“Genna, what’s going on?” Jackson slowly rose and walked out from behind the counter. “Why don’t you put the knife down so we can talk?”
“Oh, I think you did enough talking last night,” snapped Genna.
“Okay,” said Jackson holding his hands up in a peaceful gesture. “How can I help? What would you like me to do?”
“Love me,” said Genna in a pitiful whine. Her voice broke as she started to sob. “Jackson, why don’t you love me? I love you so much.” She slashed the knife harder against her thigh and Jackson’s heart raced as he saw blood seep through her pants.
“Genna, please stop,” said Jackson taking another slow step closer. “Put the knife down. We’ll get some coffee and have a long talk.”
“Why so you can tell me about how much you love Emberlyn, when you’re supposed to love me!” snapped Genna as she sliced the knife deeper into the thigh.
“Emberlyn and I are over,” said Jackson. “She doesn’t mean anything to me.”
“She doesn’t?” Genna said in a little whine as she let the knife droop in her hand, no longer sliding it across her leg.
Jackson saw the knife go slack and knew what he had to do. “Genna, I was just using her to get to you. You were right, I’ve had a crush on you for a long time. But then I saw you kissing Tucker and ran to Emberlyn to make you jealous. I acted like a jerk last night. I wanted to make you feel bad, like you made me feel at the party. But I didn’t mean it. I do love you, Genna. Put the knife down so we can be together. You’re scaring me, love.”
He took another cautious step towards her as she cocked her head. Jackson felt the tightness in his chest start to ease, but then Genna pointed the knife at him.
“I don’t believe you,” she spat.
“Genna, baby, I was being stupid last night. Please forgive me,” pleaded Jackson, hoping Genna would drop the knife and run into his arms, then he could get her the help she needed.
He took another step forward and was almost able to reach her, when she tightened her grip on the knife.
“Then why were you kissing her last night after I left?” yelled Genna.
Jackson swallowed hard. “Last night?”
“I came back to make up,” said Genna. “I couldn’t just give up on us and I saw you kissing her! Why aren’t I good enough? Why don’t you love me, Jackson?”

She looked down and started to sob. Jackson took another step as Genna looked up, put the knife to her wrist and sliced it open.

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