Tuesday, December 27, 2016

The Dark Heart ~ Part 27

“So now you know why I think you’re better off,” said Tucker. “She has this effect on guys, by the time she’s done with them, they are like lost little pathetic puppies, just looking for anyone to love them.”
“She’s been nothing but honest with me,” said Jackson. “She told me she didn’t want to be in a relationship.”
“I know she did,” Tucker said as he stood to leave, “and then she kissed you at the party and went on two dates with you. Does that really sound like someone not looking for a relationship or does that sound like someone playing games with your heart?”


Jackson sat on the beach and poked at his campfire with a stick. He didn’t want to believe everything Tucker had told him, especially the part about Emberlyn playing with his heart. She had seemed so genuine and sincere. He had felt her kiss him back both at the party and in the woods. He had felt the electricity race through his body as they embraced and felt her pull him tighter.
“Maybe she’s torn?” Jackson said aloud to himself. “Maybe she wants a relationship, but she’s too afraid of getting hurt? What if I can show her that I’m not like that other guy?”
Jackson threw his stick into the fire and laid back on the sand. Most of him knew that Emberlyn hadn’t put a hit out on her ex-fiancée, but a tiny trickle of doubt began to worm its way into his thoughts. She did have a lot of money and his actions had caused her to lose her baby. If anyone deserved to have a hit put on them, it was that guy. Emberlyn probably was out of her mind with grief.
Jackson shook the thought away. No one deserved to be killed, no matter how big of a dirt bag.
He heard someone shuffling through the sand and sat up, his heart raced as he saw a female form walking towards his fire. He hoped it was Emberlyn, but as she came closer he saw it was Genna. His heart dropped with disappointment.
“Hey there,” said Genna. “I saw your fire and wondered if you might like some company.”
“Sure,” said Jackson, even though Genna wasn’t Emberlyn, he didn’t want to be alone with his thoughts any longer. “Have a seat.”
“Got any marshmallows?” asked Genna.
Jackson thought about the last time he sat in front of a fire with Emberlyn and roasted marshmallows. He shook his head. “Just me and my thoughts tonight.”
“You wanna talk about it?” asked Genna.
“Honestly, I rather talk about anything else than what I’m thinking aobut,” said Jackson.
“Okay,” said Genna, “let me tell you what Stella did at the club today. I could die, for reals.”
Jackson listened as Genna droned on and on about how Stella wore a bathing suit that was from last year’s season. Not only was it not the latest fashion, but Stella had “obviously” been eating carbs, because she had a muffin top.
“Didn’t she have an eating disorder?” asked Jackson, wrinkling his forehead. “She was in rehab last summer because she was anorexic, right?”
“She did, but she’s over that now,” said Genna, with a wave of her hand. “Just because she can eat whatever she wants, doesn’t mean she should.”
“I don’t think that’s how it works,” said Jackson, shaking his head. “Besides I think she looks a lot better. She used to be so skinny, I worried about her. Now, she looks healthy.”
Genna laughed. “So now you’re the expert on women’s bodies?”
Jackson shrugged and tried to hide his annoyance. He could only imagine how hard Stella worked to be okay with her healthy weight gain only to have Genna say she had a muffin top. “I’m saying I own a surf shop and have seen a number of bikinis and Stella is no where near fat. I’m proud of her.”
“Oh, Jackson, you are such a sweetheart.”
Genna reached over and kissed Jackson.
Jackson pulled back, his arms raised in a peaceful gesture. “I’m sorry, Genna, but I only want to be your friend.”
Genna cocked her head. “Jackson Hunt I know you have a crush on me. You’ve been crushing on me for over a year. What kind of game are you playing?”

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