Tuesday, December 20, 2016

The Dark Heart ~ Part 26

“How long ago was that?” asked Jackson.
Tucker shrugged. “About five years back I think.”
“So what do you know about the engagement?” asked Jackson, rubbing his jaw. He knew he was listening to rumor, but if it helped him understand just a little of what Emberlyn was going through, then it was worth it.
Tucker ate another orange slice and looked to the ceiling as if thinking of the details. “Well, I don’t remember his name, he didn’t really run in our circle at first, but they were wild about each other. They never left each other’s sides at her parties. They danced every dance and took moonlight strolls in the garden.”
“Sounds very romantic,” said Jackson, trying not to sound irritated.
“Look, the point is they seemed really happy and everyone who knew Emberlyn said she was madly in love with him. So it didn’t surprise anyone when they announced their engagement. What did surprise everyone is on the day of the wedding he left ran off with her assistant.”
“How very cliché,” said Jackson, feeling angry at this man he had never met.
“Right?” said Tucker throwing up his hands in digust. “That’s what everyone said, but that’s not even the worse of it. Emberlyn and this guy lived together in this immaculate house that had two stories this crazy steep floating staircase that led from the upstairs hallway down to the front door. So Igor …,”
“You mean Alister,” corrected Jackson.
“Yeah, Alister had to tell Emberlyn that her groom not only wasn’t coming, but had run off with her assistant. Emberlyn stormed out of the room, which was on the second floor, looking to confront the dude, tripped on her wedding dress, and fell down the stairs. Turns out she was pregnant with the jerk’s baby, but lost it during the fall.”
Jackson felt his heart drop to the pit of his stomach. Poor Emberlyn had lost both the man she loved and a child, she most certainly cherished, in a matter of minutes.
“She was in some kind of private hospital for a while, lucky to be alive,” Tucker continued. “No one saw her for a long time.”
“So what happened to the douche? Is he living somewhere happily ever after with the assistant?” asked Jackson. He wondered if the guy still lived in town and if Emberlyn had to see him being happy with the other woman.
“Another strange thing,” said Tucker, finishing the orange. “The guy and the assistant did get married but died in a fiery car crash on their wedding night.” He wrinkled his brow at Jackson and leaned in close. “There was no cause for the wreck. No other vehicle or car malfunction, it’s like it just flipped into the air and burst into flames without reason. The explosion on the driver’s side was so hot there was nothing left of the dude’s body. There was a lot of speculation that it was Emberlyn who arranged a hit on them.”
“She wouldn’t do that,” said Jackson, firmly.
“So says you,” said Tucker with a shrug sitting back, “and the officers in charge of investigating the crash. No evidence of foul play at all, said they must have hit a deer or something and the animal was able to run off. But she never really lived down the rumors and she’s never stayed with a guy for long since then.”
“Can’t say I blame her,” said Jackson as he sat back in his chair.
“So now you know why I think you’re better off,” said Tucker. “She has this effect on guys, by the time she’s done with them, they are like lost little pathetic puppies, just looking for anyone to love them.”
“She’s been nothing but honest with me,” said Jackson. “She told me she didn’t want to be in a relationship.”

“I know she did,” Tucker said as he stood to leave, “and then she kissed you at the party and went on two dates with you. Does that really sound like someone not looking for a relationship or does that sound like someone playing games with your heart?”

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