Tuesday, December 13, 2016

The Dark Heart ~ Part 25

“Don’t,” she repeated. “You can’t fall in love with me, because I’ll never return your love. I just can’t.”
She turned and ran down the road.
Jackson followed. “Emberlyn, stop! Let’s just talk about this.”
Emberlyn didn’t stop and as they rounded the bend, he saw Alister waiting by Emberlyn’s black car, with the door open. Jackson had barely gotten to the end of the old road when the black car speed back towards town.

Chapter 8

Jackson tossed his phone on his office desk in frustration after he checked it for the hundredth time hoping for a text from Emberlyn. He had sent her about a dozen messages apologizing for the kiss. He had just been caught up in the moment and he had thought she wanted to kiss him. Apparently, he had read the signals all wrong and now he felt like a complete jerk.
His phone buzzed and Jackson quickly picked it up, hoping for a text from Emberlyn, but it was only an e-mail from a merchandiser saying Jackson’s order had been shipped.
Jackson let out a groan of disgust.
“Bad day?” asked Tucker as he let himself into Jackson’s office.
“Bad move,” said Jackson, “on my part.”
“Jackson Hunt, the gentleman of all gentlemen, made a bad move?” Tucker sat down in the chair opposite the desk and rubbed his hands together. “Now this I have to hear.”
“It’s not that exciting,” said Jackson, rolling his eyes at Tucker. “I went out with Emberlyn yesterday and misread the signs. I kissed her and she ran.”
“Ran?” Tucker cocked his head.
“As in literally, ran to her car and drove away,” said Jackson. “Now she’s not returning any of my texts. She told me that wasn’t what she wanted and I didn’t listen. So I’m feeling like a grade A ass.”
Tucker leaned back in his chair. “I wouldn’t worry about it.”
“You wouldn’t?” Jackson twisted his mouth. “Of course, you wouldn’t, you go through girls like you drink water. Emberlyn’s different. I like her and not just in a romantic sense.”
“Jackson, everyone likes Emberlyn James,” stated Tucker “and I wouldn’t worry about it because I think you’re better off.”
“How so?” Jackson sighed and resisted the urge to check his phone again even though it hadn’t buzzed.
“This is what she does,” explained Tucker. He grabbed an orange off Jackson’s desk and started to peel it. “I’ve been going to her parties for a long time and she always seems to have some love sick fool …,” He looked up at Jackson. “… no offense.”
“None taken,” said Jackson a bit sarcastically.
“Anyway she’s got a guy on her shoulder one minute and breaking his heart the next,” Tucker continued. “I’ve never seen her stick with anyone. Rumor has it she won’t let anyone get close to her.”
“She did tell me as much,” said Jackson, “but why? We have good chemistry, she’s easy to talk to, and always seems to be at ease with herself and I swear, Tucker, she kissed me back. I felt a connection of the likes I’ve never felt with anyone I’ve kissed before.”
“It’s not your fault,” Tucker threw the peel in the garbage and started to section it off. “She was engaged once and it didn’t end well. Girls don’t get over stuff like that.” Tucker popped a piece of orange in his mouth.
“How long ago was that?” asked Jackson.
Tucker shrugged. “About five years back I think.”

“So what do you know about the engagement?” asked Jackson, rubbing his jaw. He knew he was listening to rumor, but if it helped him understand just a little of what Emberlyn was going through, then it was worth it.

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