Tuesday, December 6, 2016

The Dark Heart ~ Part 24

Starting down the road, Jackson hoped she would take his elbow again, but she didn’t. Jackson put his hands in his pockets and concentrated on the beauty around him. Even though he tried to look at the trees, flowers, and nature, his gaze kept falling on Emberlyn.
He heard the growl first and stopped in his tracks. He gently grabbed Emberlyn’s arm to keep her from taking another step. There in overgrown road stood a gray wolf.
Jackson pulled his other hand from his pocket and slowly stepped in front of Emberlyn. The wolf lowered his head and bared his teeth.
“I think it’s rabid,” whispered Jackson. “Help me find a stick.”
Jackson scanned the ground quickly, trying to keep both a watch on the wolf and find a weapon. A large branch sat a foot away. As Jackson slowly bent to reach the stick, Emberlyn stopped him.
“We don’t need that,” said Emberlyn, gently putting a hand on his shoulder.
She slid in front of him and shook Jackon’s grip from her arm.
“Emberlyn, stop,” hissed Jackson.
“You’re puffing up your chest, Jackson,” Emberlyn said calmly. “Trust me.”
She took a slow step forward and raised her hand palm up. A slight hum started to fill the air and Jackson was surprised to see it was coming from Emberlyn.
The wolf stopped baring its teeth and let out a little whine. The humming stop and Jackson could just barely make out Emberlyn talking, softly and calmly, but couldn’t make out the words. The wolf whimpered again and stepped toward Emberlyn, bumping his head under her open palm.
Emberly squats and gives the animal a good head scratch. “See there’s no reason to be upset. You’re a good boy.”
Jackson felt his mouth drop open as the wolf gave Emberlyn a lick on the cheek before running back into the woods.
“That was amazing,” said Jackson as he approached her.
Emberlyn shook her head as she stood and brushed the wolf hair from her hands. “Not amazing, just someone’s lost, scared pet.”
“That was no pet,” said Jackson, “that was a wolf! I didn’t even know we had gray wolves around here.”
Emberlyn shrugged. “People have wild animals for pets all the time…”
“You were so calm,” interrupted Jackson, “and amazing.”
He felt a rush of emotion as he gently brushed a stray piece of hair from her face. She looked up at him with her lilac colored eyes and bit her lip. He wanted to see what those lips tasted like himself and bent placing his lips on hers.
To his surprise she lifted herself up to kiss him back. Sparks ignited and traveled through his body, sending mini fireworks exploding throughout his body. He pulled her tighter, needing more of her, before she gently pushed him back.
“Don’t,” she whispered.
“What?” asked Jackson taking a small step towards her.
“Don’t,” she repeated. “You can’t fall in love with me, because I’ll never return your love. I just can’t.”
She turned and ran down the road.
Jackson followed. “Emberlyn, stop! Let’s just talk about this.”

Emberlyn didn’t stop and as they rounded the bend, he saw Alister waiting by Emberlyn’s black car, with the door open. Jackson had barely gotten to the end of the old road when the black car speed back towards town. 

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