Tuesday, November 1, 2016

The Dark Heart ~ Part 20

“Kids, today,” said Tucker with a shake of his head. “No work ethic.”
“Says the guy who plays on a yacht and calls it work,” teased Jackson, as his stomach rumbled, “Guess I’ll be having muffins for lunch today.”  
“Oh, no, that won’t do,” said Genna, coming up and placing a large stack of various clothing on the counter. “Let me pay for these and then I’ll go get you a bacon cheeseburger from Van’s.”
“Not necessary,” said Jackson. He looked at the stack of clothes. “This isn’t necessary either. Don’t buy form my shop out of pity.”
“I’m not,” laughed Genna, “I like these things. You’ve got a nice selection. Plus, I’m getting hungry, too. So I would’ve have gone anyway.”
“Okay, only if you’re going anyway,” said Jackson. He rang her up and Genna gave him the credit card, which was approved without a problem.
“Let me give you some money,” said Jackson as he reached for his wallet.
“I wouldn’t hear of it,” said Genna, as she waved him away. “One bacon cheeseburger with fries, coming right up.”
“You know I’m hungry, too,” said Tucker.
Genna glared at him. “Then get your own.”
Tucker raised his hands in a peaceful gesture as Genna gave Jackson a final smile before practically bouncing out of the store.
“See,” said Jackson, “weird.”
“Not weird,” said Tucker, his face a bit fallen, “girls do this. They see some guy with a wealthy, attractive girl, like Emberlyn, and all of a sudden he’s the catch of the day and everyone wants a serving.”
“So now I’m a fish,” said Jackson with mock hurt dripping from his words.
“Yes,” said Tucker, continuing his tease, “but you must be an elite fish to have the likes of Emberlyn James take interest. Her tastes are refined.”
“Again, I just taught her to surf and then we ate, that’s it,” said James.
“Where’d you eat?” asked Tucker.
“Alister brought us a picnic, we ate on the beach,” said James.
Tucker shook his head. “Still sounds like a date to me.”
“It wasn’t,” said Jackson, “but I’ve got to tell you I’ve never had a better day of surfing. It was odd. The ocean was like mirror it was so still and then all at once we got these phenomenal waves. It was amazing.”
“Sure it was the waves that were amazing?” Tucker gave Jackson a wink, before laughing. “Don’t answer, I won’t believe you anyway. I gotta run …,” He gave Jackson a look. “You sure we’re okay with the whole Genna thing, really was a bad move on my part.”
Jackson waved him off. “No worries, you did me a favor. Don’t give it a second thought.”

Chapter 7

Jackson looked at his note, written in fancy calligraphy, and double checked the directions. He had followed every step that Emberlyn had laid out in her handwritten note, delivered by a special courier. It was the first time he had had to sign for correspondence of any kind. Now that he was at the desired location, a dirt road that dead-ended into a large, thick patch of woods, he wondered if he was being punked.
Emberlyn strolled out of the woods, wearing a flowing dark violet dress with white little polka-dots and black flats, her signature white gardenia flower in her hair. She looked ready to stroll through the botanical gardens, not the rugged wilderness.
“You made it,” she said with a smile.
“I did,” said Jackson returning her smile, “although I’m not sure where it is. I never knew this forest was here.”
“Amazing isn’t it,” said Emberly as she up looked at the trees.

“So should I be worried?” asked Jackson with a sly smile. “Are you’re guards around here somewhere, ready to pounce if I make a wrong move? This remote of a location, you could dispose of me without anyone being the wiser.”

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