Tuesday, October 18, 2016

The Dark Heart ~ Part 18

Emberlyn pulled her own marshmallow from the fire. Jackson noticed it was a roasted to golden perfection. She gently grabbed the marshmallow and pulled it off the skewer quickly before placing the whole thing in her mouth.
Jackson laughed. “Okay, you even know how to roast and eat a marshmallow perfectly. Is there anything you can’t do?”
She gave him a wink as she finished her marshmallow. “I told you. I suck at love.”
She brushed her hands together to wipe off any lingering marshmallow. “So is there anything real about Genna you like?”
“So you noticed that too, huh?” Jackson looked to the sky and nodded. “I can’t think of anything that isn’t superficial. That makes me sound so awful.” He popped an unroasted marshmallow in his mouth.
“Makes you sound human,” said Emberlyn. “Superficial is what we notice first, because obviously we see what’s on the surface first and as we both know, sometimes that package is really beautiful, but all that’s inside is a pair of tighty-whities.”
Jackson had to choke back his laughter, so he wouldn’t spit out his marshmallow.
“Woman,” he said after a hard swallow, “are you trying to kill me? You can’t be that funny when I have a mouth full of marshmallow!”
Emberlyn leaned over and gave Jackson a kiss on the cheek. “I’ve got to go, but Jackson, life is too short for superficial girls. I might stink at love, but I know enough to never settle.”
Emberlyn stood and even though Jackson wanted to ask her to stay, he let her walk up the beach. He could see a car with its headlights lighting her way and for some reason knew it was Alister. He watched as her body slowly became a silhouette in the light.
Delicately he touched his cheek where she had kissed him every so gently. He fell back into the sand and locked his hands behind his head and he looked at the stars. Emberlyn might think she sucks at love, but Jackson knew from the way his stomach was doing the good kind of somersaults, that she was a pro.

Chapter 6

Jackson had just finished displaying a new shipment of surf boards when Tucker walked into The Shack. He thought he’d be angry when he saw Tucker, but his buzz from the night before had put Jackson in an unbelievably happy mood. He had spent a long time at the beach by the fire after Emberlyn left and realized he had no real attraction to Genna. Tucker had done him a huge favor. He had gone about it the wrong way, but now Jackson could move on from his Genna crush.
“Hey there,” said Tucker, “need a hand?”
Jackson tested the display to make sure it would fall and shook his head. “Just finished. Where you been, Tucker?”
“I had to do some work for my dad,” said Tucker.
“And by work you mean you had to take some CEO’s daughter out on the company yacht while her daddy and your daddy discussed business?” Jackson said with a wink.
Tucker held up his hands. “Hey, it’s my job to keep the ladies happy while Dad keeps the CEOs happy. Don’t hate because I have an awesome job and you’re here dusting surfboards.”
Jackson shook his head and laughed. “First, my surfboards sell too fast to get dusty and second, what do you do if the CEO is a woman?”
“If the CEO is a chick and has a husband or son tagging along we go play golf or fish, but it’s very rare for a CEO to be a chick.”
“You realize how sexist you sound right?” said Jackson, rolling his eyes at Tucker.
“You’re right,” said Tucker with a wink, “I’ll start taking the dudes out on the yacht too. It was wrong of me to believe guys wouldn’t enjoy a nice tan and Jacuzzi.”
“You are something else,” said Jackson with a smile as he walked over to the counter.

“Speaking of ‘something else’, what’s the deal with you and Emberlyn James?” asked Tucker.

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