Friday, October 7, 2016

The Dark Heart ~ Part 16

“You leave my flower out of this,” said Emberlyn playfully. “We came all this way. Could we go on out and you can show me some additional pointers other than what you’ve taught me on the beach. Worst case scenario, we go for a nice paddle in the ocean.”
Jackson smiled. “You keep talking like that I will fall in love with you.”
She gave him a playful push. “Shut up and teach me how to surf.”
They grabbed their boards and ran into the waves. As Jackson paddled his board out, while lying on his stomach, he kept Emberlyn in his peripheral vision. She was doing well to keep up with him. When he reached passed the break, he sat up on his board and soon she was sitting up next to him.
“I’m surprised,” said Jackson.
“Why?” asked Emberlyn as she looked out over the water.
“Don’t take this the wrong way, but most people’s energy levels fade out really quickly during their first lesson. It’s not easy to paddle out this far without practice,” explained Jackson. “You don’t even seem winded.”
“Well you know, lifting all my stacks of money gives me tremendous upper body strength.” She gave him a wink. “That and I work with a trainer five days a week.”
Jackson laughed. “I love that you have such a great sense of humor. I feel like I can say just about anything to you and you’ll take it just the right way.”
Emberlyn shrugged. “My job is to read people and their intentions. It’s easy to see your intentions just to have a good time and not take life to seriously.”
“But I do take surfing seriously and, even with the amazing view, this is disappointing.”
“You never know when it’ll pick up,” said Emberlyn.
She gazed back over the ocean as she dipped her fingertips into the water. Jackson thought she was mumbling, but he couldn’t be sure.
“What?” he asked.
Emberlyn smiled at him. “I have a song stuck in my head. I was just singing a bit of it to myself. It’s one of my little quirks.”
“Nice to know you have some,” said Jackson, noting the paddle passed the break has done nothing to her beautiful gardenia. Her hair was wet, and her bun a bit askew, but the flower looked pristine.
“What’s that?” asked Emberlyn.
Jackson smiled. “That’s a very nice wave coming in.” He looked at her. “You ready?”
Emberlyn smiled back. “Always.”

Chapter 5

Jackson stoked the fire and looked up at the stars as he and Emberlyn sat on the beach. They had surfed almost all afternoon, until Alister showed up with a picnic basket full of food. Jackson had never felt so much love for a man as he did when he saw Alister, standing barefoot in his khaki shorts and blue button up holding out the food.
“I thought you both might be hungry,” Alister had said, as Jackson and Emberlyn made their way up the beach.
“I could kiss you,” Jackson had said to Alister. “I’m starving.”

Alister had given Jackson a firm look of disapproval. “I wouldn’t recommend it.”

Part 17

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