Friday, September 2, 2016

The Dark Heart ~ Part 9

“Are you sure you won’t join me?” Jackson offered his elbow for Emberlyn to take. “Seemed to me your conversation was over.”
Emberlyn looked at the man and then back at Jackson. “You’re right, it is.”
She took Jackson’s elbow, but before they could take a step the man grabbed Emberlyn’s arm, swinging her back around. A vision of Genna being pulled around the corner flashed through Jackson’s mind, followed by a flash of Tucker’s smirk. Without another thought, Jackson turned and punched the man in the jaw.
The man stumbled back, holding his face and Jackson shook out his hand. It had been a while since he punched someone, he had forgotten how much it hurt.
Four men in black suits rushed into the labyrinth. Two men tackled the man who had grabbed Emberlyn, while the other two flanked Jackson, taking a hold of each arm. Jackson relaxed his body to let the security team know he wasn’t looking for a fight. He didn’t fault the guards for restraining him, he faulted them for being about a minute too late. If they wanted to kick him out, he’d be find with that. All he wanted was to go home. Alister entered the area and walked directly to Emberlyn.
“Are you all right?” Alister asked her and she nodded. Alister turned his attention to the two men. “We have a very strict no fighting policy at our events. You two will be escorted out and any future invitations will be revoked.”
“Mr. Hunt can stay,” said Emberlyn. She gave Jackson a smile. “After all, he was only protecting me. Had Mr. Russell not grabbed my arm, then I’m sure Mr. Hunt would not have found it necessary to resort to violence.”
Jackson could see Alister’s jaw clench as he turned and walked towards Jackson. “You are a guest of Mr. Hearst, correct?”
Jackson nodded.
Alister gave him another look over. “You should be careful of the company you keep.”
Jackson bit his inner cheek. Alister didn’t know how right he was. “I’m nothing like Tucker. If you’d like me to leave, I’ll understand. I didn’t come here to cause trouble.”
Alister nodded. “I see.”
Alister walked to the man. “Mr. Russell, I assure you won’t be a problem for Miss James after you are escorted out?”
“You don’t know what she’s done to me,” sneered Mr. Russell as he struggled to break the guard’s hold.
Alister gave a quick nod, before tapping his finger in the center of Mr. Russell’s forehead, causing the man to go limp. Alister clicked his tongue. “I guess we have our answer.” He looked over at the security team guarding Jackson and motioned for them to come over. “You four, see to it Mr. Russell gets home. I doubt he’ll remember much of tonight. Make sure he knows he is no longer welcome at our events.”
The security team nodded before picking up Mr. Russell and carrying him down the maze trail.
“What did you do to him?” asked Jackson, taking a step back.
Before Alister could answer, Emberlyn took Jackson’s arm. He felt a warmth flow over his body at her touch. “Mr. Russell is very drunk. I’m surprised he didn’t pass out before you came along. Will you walk with me back to the house?”

Jackson slowly nodded. He wasn’t sure if Emberlyn had really given him an answer, but as he glanced back at Alister, he wasn’t sure he really wanted to know.

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