Friday, September 30, 2016

The Dark Heart ~ Part 15

“I’m not against love in general,” answered Emberlyn. “I love my family, friends, most children and puppies.”
“Just against romantic love then,” clarified Jackson.
Emberlyn nodded slightly. “Let’s just say, I haven’t had much luck in the romantic love department … down right bad luck if I’m being honest … so I’ve decided not to fall in love anymore.”
“That sounds sad,” said Jackson.
“Not in the slightest,” said Emberlyn. “My heart is filled in other ways, besides you said love is the furthest thing from your mind.”
“It is,” said Jackson with a nod.
“So how about that surf lesson? Or do you need to stay and work?” asked Emberlyn before adding. “I like your store, by the way. I expected Tiki masks and luau music, like every other surf shop in town.”
Jackson let out a belly laugh. “Those shops are for the tourists and they’re perfectly fine establishments, but the locals like that I’ve got the basics without the frills. They just want to come in and get what they need and get out. But do you want to know what the best part of The Shack is?”
Emberlyn shook her head.
“It’s that I own the place and can go surfing whenever I want, you game?”
“Let’s do this,” said Emberlyn.
“I got your coffee,” said Genna as she bounced in the office door holding two coffees and a big brown paper bag. She looked at Jackson as she held up the bag. “I also got some muffins, but I wasn’t sure what kind you liked, so I got a few of each. I’m sorry I have to go, now.”
Genna placed the coffees and muffins on Jackson’s desk.
“Thanks, Genna, I’m sure the staff will enjoy the muffins. What do I owe you?” asked Jackson, reaching for his wallet.
“Nothing,” said Genna. “My treat.”
She leaned over and gave Jackson a kiss on the cheek before practically skipping out the door.
Jackson raised an eyebrow as Genna left, she had never acted around him this way before. Maybe Emberlyn was right and Genna was acting differently because of the kiss. Jackson shook the thought away. He was no longer interested in Genna. She had shown her true colors at the ball and where he had no right to be mad at her, he also didn’t need to keep pining for her.
He looked at Emberlyn. “Let’s get you a wetsuit.”

Jackson stared at the ocean in disbelief. He had never seen it so still.
“I’m sorry,” he said.
“For what?” asked Emberlyn. “It’s not like you can control the ocean.”
“I know, but I was looking forward to showing you how to surf and then consoling you when you lose that beautiful gardenia in your hair the very first time we go under water,” he teased.
“You leave my flower out of this,” said Emberlyn playfully. “We came all this way. Could we go on out and you can show me some additional pointers other than what you’ve taught me on the beach. Worst case scenario, we go for a nice paddle in the ocean.”
Jackson smiled. “You keep talking like that I will fall in love with you.”

She gave him a playful push. “Shut up and teach me how to surf.”

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