Tuesday, September 27, 2016

The Dark Heart ~ Part 14

Jackson cocked his head. “Are you feeling okay?”
“Never better,” said Genna. “Why?”
Before Jackson could answer Genna’s question, a small knock came from the doorway of his office. Jackson looked up and was surprised to see Emberlyn standing in his doorway. She wore a black bikini with a long sheer black sarong wrapped around her waist. A large white gardenia was nestle behind her right ear, while her hair was tied in a low messy bun. Jackson couldn’t help but feel she looked like an angel getting ready for a day at the beach.
“Hi,” said Jackson to Emberlyn, “This is a surprise.”
“You did say if I wanted to surf I should come by,” said Emberlyn.
Jackson chuckled. “I guess I didn’t actually think you’d take me up on it.”
“He’s working now,” said Genna, standing up and walking toward Emberlyn. “You can’t just let yourself back here. Customers aren’t allowed.”
“Genna …,” said Jackson before Emberlyn held up her hand.
“Genna’s right,” said Emberlyn. “It was presumptive of me to just come back to your office, but the sign on the door did say open and yet, there was no one up front minding the store.”
“Valid point,” said Jackson, giving Genna a look. “Genna, would you mind going back up front and watching the store while Emberlyn and I talk?”
“Anything for you, Jackson,” said Genna.
A thin blonde with a pixie cut cleared her throat behind Emberlyn. “Looks like I missed the party.”
“Nora,” said Jackson, looking a bit confused. “I thought you weren’t coming in until later?”
“By nine am Hailey was bouncing off the walls, so I sent her to school,” answered Nora as she slide passed Emberlyn and Genna. “She’s was probably just over tired last night or Cliff let her have too much sugar ...,” Nora shook her head as she put her purse on the desk. “Too many variable, but she’s fine now, that’s what matter. Did you hire a new employees?” She pointed to Emberlyn and Genna.
Jackson shook his head. “No, Genna was just helping out and Emberlyn came by to learn how to surf.”
“Nice,” said Nora, before she gave Jackson a playful wink. “Do you want me to take over the receipts?”
Jackson placed a paperclip around the stack and shook his head again. “I am finished and was about to run over to the bank to make a deposit. Here is the change for today.”
“Great,” said Nora, grabbing the change bag and heading out of Jackson’s office.
Emberlyn looked at Genna and gently touched her on the shoulder. “Genna, would you mind running down to the coffee place on the corner and getting Jackson and me a couple of coffees?”
Jackson saw Emberlyn whisper something to Genna, but couldn’t hear it himself.
“Sure,” said Genna, flashing a smile back at Jackson. “Anything for Jackson.”
Genna hurried out of the office as Emberlyn came in and sat in the chair that Genna had vacated earlier.
Jackson tapped his pen on his desk and bit his lip. “How did you make that happen?”
“What?” asked Emberlyn with a shrug.
“You just got Genna Murphy, one of the wealthiest girls in town, to run down to the corner to get us coffee like an intern?”
Emberlyn flashed Jackson and mischievous smile. “I got the impression she’d do just about anything for you.”
Jackson nodded. “She has been acting weird today.”
“Maybe seeing you kiss me last night got to her?”
Jackson laughed. “Maybe.” He pointed to the flower in her hair. “I find your choice of flower ironic.”
Emberlyn gently reached up and gently touched the large white gardenia. “How so?”
“Last night you said you were afraid I’d fall in love with you, yet gardenias are a symbol of love.”
Jackson could swear she saw Emberlyn blush.
“I’m not against love in general,” answered Emberlyn. “I love my family, friends, most children and puppies.”
“Just against romantic love then,” clarified Jackson.

Emberlyn nodded slightly. “Let’s just say, I haven’t had much luck in the romantic love department … down right bad luck if I’m being honest … so I’ve decided not to fall in love anymore.”

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