Friday, September 23, 2016

The Dark Heart ~ Part 13

Emberlyn glided through the crowd as she searched for her target. As she walked she gently touched the backs of her guests, all the wealthy elite of the city, and whispered her spell. As she passed, each guest pulled out his wallet or her purse and started to write a check to the charity. Emberlyn had perfected her spell over the years, having each person desire to give just enough to the charity where nothing seemed out of the ordinary while making the donator feel a sense of compassion and pride for having helped a worthy cause. It was a win-win situation in Emberlyn’s mind. She helped the charities and her guests left the party knowing they had bettered the world in some small part.
She slowed her pace as she reached the person she had been searching for … Genna Murphy. And as she touched the shoulder of Genna, Emberlyn whispered a simple spell made for falling in love.

Chapter 4

Jackson placed his surfboard next to The Shack’s front door and fished his keys out of his pocket. He had had a great morning surfing, but the waves had died down, which meant his customers would be coming in to shop, rather than riding the waves, and he had a 10 o’clock open time.
“Here let me help you with that,” said Genna hurrying to open the door that Jackson had just unlocked.
Jackson picked up his board and tried to swallow his annoyance at seeing Genna. As much as he knew he didn’t have any right to be angry with her, he didn’t really want to see her either.
“Thanks,” he said as he picked up his door and walked into his shop, flipping the lights on.
Genna followed him in and turned his closed sign to open.
“We’ve got half an hour until we open,” said Jackson.
“It won’t hurt to open early,” said Genna with a shrug.
“But, I’m not ready to open yet,” explained Jackson. “I’ve got to sort out the till and those surf shirts need organized and straightened. Apparently, we were slammed last night and Nora said she’d come in early to do it, but her kiddo got sick. She won’t be here until her husband gets off work, so I need to fold them.”
Genna walked over to the table. “No worries, I can do it while you’re sorting out the register and I’ll see to any customers that come in.”
“You really don’t have to,” said Jackson, hating that she was being so nice to him when he wanted to be upset with her.
“It’s no problem. I’m happy to help,” she said with a laugh as she approached the surf shirts and started to organize. “Now go and do what you need to do. I’ve got things handled out here.”
“Thank you,” he said, his irritation slipping away. He gently put his surfboard in the rack behind the counter and then made his way to his office. He once again reminded himself he had no real reason to be upset with Genna. They had danced one dance together, and no matter how many months he had pined after her, one dance did not make them a couple. Genna was free to kiss whomever she wanted.
Jackson shook his head. If he were being honest with himself, it was Tucker he was really mad at. Tucker knew what Genna meant to Jackson and he had instigated the kiss.
Trying to focus on the receipts and register tally, Jackson shook the thoughts of Tucker and Genna’s embrace away. As he did his mind turned to Emberlyn and the kiss he had shared with her.
Just the thought of their kiss made Jackson’s stomach do summersaults as a smile caressed his lips.
“Do I even want to know what you’re smiling at?” asked Genna as she stuck her head in the door.
“No, you don’t,” said Jackson, giving her a sly smile.
She returned his smile. “Well, I hope it was about me.”
Jackson held up his stack of receipts. “Just about done here. Thanks for your help, but I can handle it from here. I’m sure you have other things to do.”
“I just want to be with you,” said Genna, sitting in the small chair that sat in the corner of Jackson’s office.
Jackson cocked his head. “Are you feeling okay?”
“Never better,” said Genna. “Why?”

Before Jackson could answer Genna’s question, a small knock came from the doorway of his office. Jackson looked up and was surprised to see Emberlyn standing in his doorway. She wore a black bikini with a long sheer black sarong wrapped around her waist. A large white gardenia was nestle behind her right ear, while her hair was tied in a low messy bun. Jackson couldn’t help but feel she looked like an angel getting ready for a day at the beach.
Part 14

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