Tuesday, September 20, 2016

The Dark Heart ~ Part 12

The orchestra started to play and Emberlyn turned to Jackson and smiled.
“You look like the cat who ate the canary… .” She gave him a sly smile. “Or the cat who is about to eat the canary.”
He couldn’t help but laugh.
“Come,” she said taking his arm. “Let’s get a drink.”
Jackson led Emberlyn to the bar. Upon seeing Emberlyn approach the bartender immediately place two wine glasses on the bar, filled with chardonnay.  
“Thank you, Stephen,” said Emberlyn as she grabbed the glasses and handed one to Jackson. She raised her glass. “Here’s to kisses that make your toes curl.”
Jackson laughed, clinked her glass and then took a drink of his wine, the hints of grapefruit and vanilla tickling his tongue. “Nice to see I’m not the only one who enjoyed our kiss, but I have to ask why?”
Emberlyn let loose her own laugh, which seemed to dance on the air and made Jackson’s heart skip a beat. “I do believe that is the first time a man has asked why I kissed him, but to answer your question I saw the way you looked at Miss Murphy and decided to show her what she’s missing. After all, you helped me in the garden with Mr. Russell, so I figured I would return the favor.”
“She has Tucker, so I doubt she’s missing anything,” said Jackson.
“Still, I can’t say I regret my impulse. Do you?” asked Emberlyn.
“I don’t.” He gave her a sexy smile. “Do you like to surf?”
Emberlyn took a sip of her wine. “I ashamed to say I’ve lived in California my entire life and have never once tried to surf.”
“We should remedy that,” said Jackson. “I own a little surf shop called The Shack. Come by tomorrow if you’d like to try.”
“I’m afraid I can’t do that,” said Emberlyn as she looked away.
“Of course,” said Jackson, “you’re a busy woman. It doesn’t have to be tomorrow. I’m there just about every day, so whenever you have some free time.”
Emberlyn shook her head. “No, it’s not that.”
“So what is it? Afraid of water? You don’t know how to swim?” asked Jackson, making sure the tone in his voice was playful and teasing.
She looked at him with her lilac colored eyes and gave him a playful wink. “Because, Jackson, I’m afraid you’ll fall in love with me.”
“Is that so?” Jackson chuckled as Emberlyn nodded. His mind turned to Genna and his heart stung at the thought of his unrequited feelings. “Well, Emberlyn … May I call you Emberlyn?”
She nodded.
“I can assure you, love is the furthest thing from my mind, so you don’t need to worry about that,” Jackson explained. “But if you are interested in being friends and want to learn to surf, then I’m your man.”
“I’ll think about it,” said Emberlyn. She gave Jackson another smile. “I need to go mingle, but it was very nice meeting you Jackson Hunt.”
She reached out her hand for Jackson to shake, but instead he grabbed it gently and kiss the back of it. “The pleasure is all mine.”
He gave her hand a final squeeze before watching her walk into the crowd.

Emberlyn glided through the crowd as she searched for her target. As she walked she gently touched the backs of her guests, all the wealthy elite of the city, and whispered her spell. As she passed, each guest pulled out his wallet or her purse and started to write a check to the charity. Emberlyn had perfected her spell over the years, having each person desire to give just enough to the charity where nothing seemed out of the ordinary while making the donator feel a sense of compassion and pride for having helped a worthy cause. It was a win-win situation in Emberlyn’s mind. She helped the charities and her guests left the party knowing they had bettered the world in some small part.

She slowed her pace as she reached the person she had been searching for … Genna Murphy. And as she touched the shoulder of Genna, Emberlyn whispered a simple spell made for falling in love.
Part 13

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