Tuesday, August 23, 2016

The Dark Heart ~ Part 7

As he neared the fountain, he scanned the area looking for Genna. He smiled and gave her an awkward wave with his hand that held his whiskey, but he could tell she hadn’t seen him. He took another step forward just as a hand reached out, grabbed Genna’s arm and pulled her into a small alcove by the fountain.

Chapter 3

Jackson’s heart hitched as a ripple of fear started to spread through his veins.  He rushed toward the alcove, hoping that Genna was all right. He couldn’t imagine anyone would be brazen to assault a woman in the middle of a party, but he wasn’t naïve enough to think bad things didn’t happen at parties filled with people, even charity events.
He rounded the corner, ready to confront whomever had jerked Genna’s arm so harshly and skidded to a stop. He blinked hard, trying to register what he was seeing. In a dark corner of the alcove stood Genna. She was pressed up against the wall, her arms draped over a man’s shoulders. The man stood close as he whispered something to her. Genna laughed before placing her hands on the back of the man’s head and gently pulling him close to kiss her passionately. The man moved from Genna’s lips to her neck, as Genna ran her hands through the man’s sandy blonde hair.
Jackson’s mouth fell open as his mind raced to decide what to do next. The man stepped back ever so slightly from the kiss and glanced over his shoulder just enough for Jackson to see the man was Tucker.
Jackson’s fist clinched the stem of the wine goblet so hard he feared he would break it. He stepped forward to confront the couple and then shook his head. He gently sat the wine glass holding the spritzer down and walked toward the door leading to the garden he had seen earlier.
He downed his whiskey in one gulp and put the short tumbler on the edge of the fountain before going outside. His mind reeled. How could Tucker do this to him? If anyone knew how Jackson felt about Genna it was Tucker. Jackson had never felt so betrayed.
Jackson took random turns down the garden paths, trying to walk off his anger. Hadn’t it been Tucker’s idea for Jackson to come to the ball in order to sweep Genna off her feet? What was the point if he was just going to pull Genna into some dark corner to make out?
Stopping, Jackson took a deep breath. Tucker was being a big jerk, no doubt about it, but Jackson reminded himself, he had no claim to Genna. They had one dance and a bit of flirtation, if she didn’t want it to go any further, that was fine by him.
He turned around and started back to the house and was surprised to find himself in a labyrinth of tall hedges.
“Great,” Jackson mumbled to himself, “way to go knucklehead, get all worked out about a girl, who isn’t even your girlfriend, and walk right into a maze without paying attention.”

He jumped up, hoping to see the house and was surprised that he couldn’t. He sighed and began walking, hoping that his usually great sense of direction wouldn’t fail him.

Part 8

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