Friday, August 5, 2016

The Dark Heart ~ part 2

Jackson nodded as Tucker laid on his board and started paddling towards the shore. Sitting alone on the water, Jackson watched the last bit of sun hide below the waves and smiled. Hopefully, the next time he watched the sunset it would be with Genna.
Tucker let out a wolf whistle as Jackson exited Tucker’s large walk-in closet. “Dude, you look like James Bond … well a lumberjack James Bond … but still.”
Jackson walked to the full-length mirror. “Will you stop with the lumberjack stuff?”
“Will you shave that beard?”
Jackson smiled and shook his head. “I like it.”
“Then I will not stop with the lumberjack stuff.” Tucker gave him an ornery grin as he stood and walked next to Jackson and straightened his own black bow tie. “You’ve got to admit, we make this look good. There’s no way Genna won’t notice you.”
Jackson’s shoulders slumped. “I don’t know about this. I’m really over the party scene and this sounds way out of my league anyway. Maybe I should just ask Genna out the next time she come to the surf shop?”
“No way you’re getting out of this,” said Tucker. “Because I know exactly what will happen when Genna come to the surf shop next. You will get all bashful and not say a single word to her. You’ll let her lean against your counter and laugh with her friends and gush every time she throws her blonde locks over her shoulder and gives you the side wink.” He turned to straighten Jackson’s tie. “This is your night. No more sitting in the shadows waiting for the right moment. Tonight is your right moment.”
“Have you been watching those motivational videos on YouTube again?” Jackson asked with a raised eyebrow.
Tucker slapped his hands down on Jackson’s shoulders and gave him a playful shake. “Did it work? Are you done with your pity party and ready to take action? ‘Cause it’s game time, bro.”
Jackson couldn’t help but laugh at Tucker. “Fine, let’s go. For a good cause right?”
“Exactly, getting Genna Armstrong in your arms,” laughed Tucker.

Chapter Two

Jackson let out a low whistle as Tucker drove up to the grand house that was hosting the party. “Wow, now this is a house. It’ll take us an hour to get to the front door.”
The large mansion sat on top of a small hill. A number of light brown stairs wound their way up the hill to the front door. The walkway was lined with lush grass and dozens of bushes all bearing twinkling white lights.
“Just wait until we get inside,” said Tucker. “The place is like walking into some kind of gothic fairy tale, but pretty.”
“So pretty goth?” Jackson raised an eyebrow.
“Well, yeah,” said Tucker. “Everything looks elegant, dark yet inviting. I swear every room is lit by candles. Last time I was here I couldn’t find a single light switch.”
“Probably all runs on remote,” said Jackson as the valet opened his door.
Jackson got out of the car and waited for Tucker to get his valet ticket.
“I’m out of my league,” said Jackson, gazing up to the house.

“Just enjoy yourself,” said Tucker, “Now come on, we’ve got us a Genna to catch.”

Part 3

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