Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Only a Kiss ~ Part 70

“They hold their meetings just up the street. From what I’ve been told, usually one person will say they are coming to buy shoes, for whatever occasion, and then everyone else thinks it’s a good idea. They also go to Sally’s in swarms and some of the other area businesses. I personally think it’s because they’ve been in the meeting and after they want to socialize while doing something they enjoy, like shoe shopping…”
“And eating Sally’s famous bacon,” said Ana with a grin.
“Exactly,” said Phillip. He opened her portfolio. ‘I’ve sent these five designs off to be made, but I think we’ll put them all on the website. Now that I have a moment, I’ll send the rest to their graphic designer. She’s excellent at transforming sketches in to real-life mock ups, from there we’ll put them on the website.”
“We have a website?” asked Ana. “I guess I’m not the only one who’s been a busy bee.”
“What can I say,” said Phillip with a shrug. “You’ve got me excited.”
“Good, because we need to talk about catering,” said Ana. “I’ve tried every place in town that is reputable catering company and they are all booked.”
“Of course they are,” said Phillip with a sigh.
“Any suggestions?” asked Ana.
Phillip shook his head. “Afraid not.”
“Okay,” said Ana, pulling out her laptop. “I’ll start seeing if I can find anyone outside the San Francisco area, but it may cost us more for their travel.”
Phillip ran his fingers through his hair. “Man, I really hate that. I know my aunt wants as much as possible to go to the dogs. I’ve really let her down. Maybe I should cancel the event.”
“Don’t you dare,” said Ana, folding her arms. “I’ll make it work and you haven’t failed anyone. Canceling this event will hurt your aunt more than spending a little more money on the catering.”
“You’re right,” said Phillip. “I’ll make a few calls, see if we can’t hire someone’s private chef or something.”
“That’s the spirit,” said Ana.
Phillip’s stomach growled. “Speaking of food, I skipped breakfast to get Tess to the day care, want to catch an early lunch and then hit the ground running?”
“Sure,” said Ana, realizing she was feeling pretty hungry herself. She, too, had skipped breakfast. “Sally’s?”
“Kind of,” said Phillip with a wink.
“Kind of?” Ana scrunched her face.
“Today is puffed pastry day at Bay Bistro, which is also one of Sally’s restaurants,” explained Phillip.
“That’s impressive,” said Ana. “How many does she own?”
“Four, I think,” said Phillip. “She may have invested in a couple of others, but today at the bistro they’ll have fresh puffed pastry filled with crab or lobster. They are almost as good as the bacon.”
“But only almost,” said Ana with a smile.
“Nothing beats the bacon,” said Phillip. “So shall we?”
He held out his hand Ana took it. “Sounds great.”
Phillip was quick to hail a cab and within twenty minutes they were entering Bay Bistro. The hostess gave Phillip a sly smile.
“Have you ever missed puff pastry day?” she asked.

Phillip shook his head. “And I don’t intend to miss one either.”

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