Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Only a Kiss ~ Part 68

Ana opened her mouth to speak, but Brett stopped her. “I could see I was rubbing you the wrong way when I talked about the caregivers. You were ready to grab your sword for them and, that, I admire. Shows how loyal you are to people. That is very rare and I can’t help but want you to be loyal to me that way as well.”
He leaned down and kissed her and Ana could’ve sworn she felt her toes curl.


Chapter 12

Ana floated through the park the next morning as she walked to work. Her lips still tingled from the kiss she had shared with Brett and the numerous ones to follow. She knew he wanted to stay, and a part of her wanted him to stay as well, but she was also glad she had refrained from her desire to curl up next to him in bed.
Her heart buzzed with delight at the thought of snuggling next to him all night, but her mind told her to be patient. They had only started dating and the smart thing to do was wait.
“Good morning,” said Sharon as Ana entered though the front doors of the store.
“It is a lovely morning,” said Ana. “Is Phillip in? I have a ton of sketches to show him.”
Sharon shook her head. “He’s running a bit late this morning. Could I see them?”
“Of course,” said Ana, taking her portfolio over to the cashier desk. “I wouldn’t mind getting female opinion on them, since women are the biggest buyers of pet accessories.”
Sharon opened the portfolio and immediately started gushing. “Ana, these are amazing.”
“You really think so?” asked Ana. She was so pleased to have someone else love them as much as she did.
“They really are. What’s this?” asked Sharon, holding up a sketch.
Ana felt the color rush to her cheeks as she saw the beach shoe inspired by Brett being held in Sharon’s hand. In her euphoria of her evening with Brett she had redrawn the sketch after Brett went home.
“Oh, that’s nothing,” said Ana. “It’s not supposed to be in there. I was just messing around after I finished with the collars and leashes.”
“It’s beautiful,” said Sharon. “You should show it to Phillip.”
“No,” said Ana. “I’m here to help him organize the ball, not throw my shoe designs in his face hoping he’ll have pity on me.”
“Come on,” said Sharon. “I know you haven’t worked here that long, but we both know Phillip would never look at it like that. He’d love this shoe and see it for what it is, a beautiful design that belongs in this store.”
Ana shook her head again. “No, it really isn’t my place.”
“Fine,” said Sharon following with a big sigh, “I’m just going to put it behind this back flap. Regardless, of the shoe I think Phillip is going to love these.”

“Love what?” asked Phillip coming in the door.

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