Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Only a Kiss ~ Part 66

She opened the door a crack, to tell the delivery man he had the wrong address and then gasped. The delivery man was Brett, holding a paper bag bearing the logo of the restaurant where they had just been. She opened the door wide and shook her head in disbelief.
“I do understand,” said Brett, holding up his phone to display the text she had just sent. “God, knows I’ve skipped out on my share of dinners due to business. But I also understand, even when inspiration strikes, a person has got to eat. I’ve got seafood alfredo for two.” He shook the bag a little.
Ana’s stomach growled in approval, causing Brett to laugh. “I’ll take that as a yes.”
“Yes, please,” said Ana, letting Brett inside the house and then closing the door behind him.
“And don’t worry,” said Brett, putting the bag on the coffee table in the living room. “I’ll let you work, as long as you don’t mind me watching the game,” He pulled a thin laptop out of the bag the food was in, “and get a little work done myself. I’ll keep the volume low. I just want to be in the same room as you.”
Ana felt her heart do flip flops as Brett gave her a sad look that reminded her of a lost puppy wanting inside. She was sure he would be angry at her for leaving the restaurant like she had. If the tables were turned she’d probably be mad at him, but here he was bringing her dinner and offering that they just be close together.
“That sounds great,” said Ana. “I’ll get us some silverware and plates.”
“Don’t worry about the plates,” said Brett as she hurried into the kitchen. “I eat out of to-go containers all the time.”
Ana grabbed the silverware and made her way back to the living room. “That’s the saddest statement I’ve ever heard.”
“What?” Brett shrugged, remote in hand.
“That you eat most of your meals out of to-go boxes. That you don’t take time out to enjoy a good meal on a solid plate. I’m guessing most of the time you eat alone in your office, without stopping work.”
“Says the girl who just ran out on a date to work.” He gave her a sexy smirk.
Ana looked over at her pile of sketches. “You’re right. Who am I to talk?”
Brett grabbed a container of food and walked it over to her. “How about we work for a couple of hours and then go sit out back for a while. No one says we workaholics can’t enjoy both work and life.”
Ana gave Brett a little peck on the cheek as she took her food. “Thanks for understanding.”
Over the next two hours the two stayed in their separate corners. Each doing their own work to the faint sound of the game announcers on television. Ana found herself stopping more than once just to gaze over at Brett. His fingers were hoping all over his keyboard, pausing for only moments as he caught a play of the game.
Ana stood and stretched her back. She knew she should’ve moved to the large dining room table when the sun went down and she lost her light, but she wanted to remain close to Brett.
“That bottle of Merlo my neighbors brought me is calling my name,” she said, walking over to the couch where Brett sat. “Are you at a place you can stop and join me for a glass outside by the fire pit?”

Brett closed his laptop. “Even if I weren’t I can’t resist that offer. I’ll go start the fire if you want to get the wine.”

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