Friday, June 3, 2016

Only a Kiss ~ Part 65

She hurried out of the restaurant and then stopped in the parking lot. She had no idea how she was going to get home. Just then Brett’s car pulled up and his driver stepped out.
“Ms. Davis, Mr. Morrow has asked me to drive you home,” he said, opening her door.
“Is he coming?” asked Ana, getting into the car.
“No, ma’am, I’m to return after dropping you off to retrieve him,” said the driver, shutting the door.
Ana sighed. She was sure Brett thought she was a total fruitcake, but as she looked at the folded tablecloth in her hand, she wasn’t sure she cared. All she really cared about was getting home so she could do the sketches properly in her sketchbook. She wanted to be able to give them to Phillip first thing in the morning.
They arrived back at the beach house faster than Ana had anticipated. Had she known it was so close, she could’ve walked home. She had done plenty of walking around the city when she lived with her mother and sister. Ana made a mental note to start learning San Francisco better, in case she ever found herself stranded again and Jeffery or Katie weren’t able to pick her up.
Ana hurried into the house and immediately began sketching as she sat on the floor by the big picture windows in the living room. She didn’t want to lose her rush of inspiration and the early evening light was perfect for her mood. She couldn’t believe how easily the designs were flowing from her pencils. Brett had talked about the surf shop, sending images of the ocean and beaches into her thoughts. The last time she had been so excited to design was when she designed the shoes inspired by her first kiss with Brett.
She thought about him for a moment. He would probably never forgive her for causing such a scene. She could only imagine he was not the type that liked scenes. The memory of her surprising Brett at his offices flashed in her mind and her cheeks grew hot. He definitely did not like scenes.
She picked up her phone and sent him a quick text, “I’m very sorry. Inspiration hit and I just had to come home and sketch. I know it sounds crazy, but I do hope you understand.”
Just a minute after hitting send the doorbell rang. Ana had no idea who it could be. Katie and Jeffery usually knocked at the back door and Phillip knew she had dinner plans. As she wondered if it was a lost pizza delivery man her stomach growled and the doorbell rang again.
Ana got up, vowing to give the pizza guy directions if she could, and then order a pie for herself. She looked out the peephole and all she could see was a white paper bag. She couldn’t see what was in the bag, but she could smell it. Definitely not pizza, but it was food.
She opened the door a crack, to tell the delivery man he had the wrong address and then gasped. The delivery man was Brett, holding a paper bag bearing the logo of the restaurant where they had just been. She opened the door wide and shook her head in disbelief.
“I do understand,” said Brett, holding up his phone to display the text she had just sent. “God, knows I’ve skipped out on my share of dinners due to business. But I also understand, even when inspiration strikes, a person has got to eat. I’ve got seafood alfredo for two.” He shook the bag a little.

Ana’s stomach growled in approval, causing Brett to laugh. “I’ll take that as a yes.”

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