Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Only a Kiss ~ Part 64

“Anastasia.” Brett sighed, causing Ana to stop talking. “Since I picked you up, you’ve done nothing but talk about this Phillip guy and your day. I’m not sure I like you talking about another man so much. I’m not accustomed to feeling jealous.”
“Jealous?” Ana cocked her head. “Brett, he’s my boss and we spent the whole day together working. Hard not to talk about him.”
“Let’s just talk about something else,” said Brett.
“Fine,” said Ana, swallow her urge to apologize. She had no reason to apologize for being excited about her day, she knew that, but Brett’s tone had made her feel as if she’d done something wrong. “How was your day?”
Brett’s smile returned. “It was quite interesting. There was no bacon to die for, but we’ve been in negotiations to buy this little chain of surf shops called, Big Wave.”
“Why would you want to buy a surf shop?” asked Ana, before taking a drink of her water.
As Brett started to discuss why Big Wave was a good investment, Ana felt her mind wandering. She wanted to pay attention to Brett and what he was saying, but the more he talked about the inner workings of his business, the more she started to zone out.
She grabbed a crayon and began to doodle on the paper tablecloth.
“Anastasia, am I boring you?” asked Brett, eyeing the crayon.
Ana shook her head and smiled as she looked at Brett. “No, I’ve found I can actually listen better when I’m doing something with my hands. You should see my notebooks from college, doodles in all the margins and I aced every class.”
Brett nodded. “Yes, I think I read a study on that.”
“Please, continue,” said Ana, but she knew she wasn’t really listening.
She continued to draw and when the waitress came over to get their orders, she realized she hadn’t even glanced at the menu. She looked down and saw she had been drawing all kinds of leashes and collars.
Ana looked up to see Brett raising his eyebrows at her. She turned to the waitress who let out a low sigh. They had been talking to Ana and she had been so engrossed in her designs she hadn’t heard any of it.
She looked at the designs again, all drawn in crayon and a rush flooded her body.
She looked back at Brett. “I’m sorry, I have to go.”
“What? Why?” asked Brett.
Ana stood and tore her section of the tablecloth off and started to fold it. “I just have to design. I’m sorry, I know it seems weird, but I just have too.” 
She hurried out of the restaurant and then stopped in the parking lot. She had no idea how she was going to get home. Just then Brett’s car pulled up and his driver stepped out.
“Ms. Davis, Mr. Morrow has asked me to drive you home,” he said, opening her door.
“Is he coming?” asked Ana, getting into the car.

“No, ma’am, I’m to return after dropping you off to retrieve him,” said the driver, shutting the door.

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