Friday, May 27, 2016

Only a Kiss ~ Part 63

“No worries,” said Phillip before Ana could respond. “Another time, but don’t be surprised to find that bacon you left in the fridge gone tomorrow.” He gave her a wink.
“Oh, it better be right where I left it, mister,” said Ana, grabbing her purse and playing along. “Or I’ll sic Sally on you.”
 Phillip held up his hands. “Fine, it’ll be there in the morning, but I don’t think you understand how torturous it is to have it so close and not be able to eat it.”
“Well, I might share it with you tomorrow,” said Ana. “Goodnight, Phillip.”
“Goodnight, Ana.”
After a quick text to Jeffery, letting him know she didn’t need a ride home. Ana made her way out of the store and was instantly greeted by Brett standing by his car.
He walked to her and kissed her on the cheek. “You look lovely.”
“Thank you,” said Ana, expecting to feel the same kind of rush she had with Phillip, but didn’t. “But I do hope we’re not going anywhere too fancy, since I didn’t have time to go home and change.”
“I think the place I have in mind will suit both of us perfectly,” said Brett, opening the car door for her. “It’s not at all fancy, but they have the best seafood alfredo in town as far as I’m concerned.”
“Sound wonderful,” said Ana, as they entered the car. “I’m starving. I can’t remember the last time I left work feeling so fulfilled.”
Ana told Brett about her day as they drove to the restaurant. She found herself giggling and smiling so much that her cheeks hurt.
“We’re here,” said Brett and he opened the door for her.
Ana got out and was surprised to see they were at a family restaurant. Brett ushered her in and as they were seated by the hostess, Ana couldn’t help but notice there was a paper tablecloth and cup of crayons on the table.
“Well, I am surprised,” said Ana. “I would have never guessed you’d step foot in a family restaurant such as this. You seem so uptown.”
“Usually, I am,” said Brett. “But my sister has two kids under the age of six, so we come here. I love the food, the kids get to color, and my sister gets to enjoy an adult conversation. I probably would’ve never tried this place if not for her, as you said, I am more uptown.”
“You should really try this little café that Phillip took me to this afternoon, they have bacon to die for,” said Ana. “It was spicy, yet sweet, with a hint of …”
“Anastasia.” Brett sighed, causing Ana to stop talking. “Since I picked you up, you’ve done nothing but talk about this Phillip guy and your day. I’m not sure I like you talking about another man so much. I’m not accustomed to feeling jealous.”
“Jealous?” Ana cocked her head. “Brett, he’s my boss and we spent the whole day together working. Hard not to talk about him.”
“Let’s just talk about something else,” said Brett.

“Fine,” said Ana, swallow her urge to apologize. She had no reason to apologize for being excited about her day, she knew that, but Brett’s tone had made her feel as if she’d done something wrong. “How was your day?”

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