Friday, May 20, 2016

Only a Kiss ~ Part 61

The waitress stopped by the table and gave Phillip his check for his food and handed Ana a to-go bag. “Sally figured you’d want to take this home. She said to warm it for about 15 seconds in the microwave and it will be good to go.”
Phillip looked his check. “I can’t believe she’s actually comping your food, but making me pay.”
Ana gave him a wink. “If it makes you feel better, just believe that she’s comping your food and you’re buying me lunch. After all we had the same thing.”
“You know,” said Phillip, standing. “That does make me feel better.”

Chapter 11

“I told you so,” said Phillip with a bit of a cringe as they reentered the shoe store after looking at the art studio.
“You did,” said Ana. “But you have to admit he uses cussing like an art form. Half the time I didn’t realize he was cussing.”
“It’s his Italian accent,” said Phillip. “All the women fall for it. Now his art … well can’t blame that on the accent.”
“It wasn’t too bad,” said Ana.
“Okay,” said Phillip, “Now you’re just being pity nice.”
Ana cocked her head from side to side. “Maybe, it was pretty bad, but at least it’s abstract.”
“How does that help?” asked Phillip.
Ana giggled. “Well, when you warned me about his art, I was afraid I was going to be dealing with dogs playing poker or naked women. Plus, he uses a lot of soft colors, which will lend itself to the atmosphere.”
“You know, I haven’t known you for very long, but I think that’s my favorite thing about you,” said Phillip, as they walked to the back of the store. He stopped in front of the door that lead to the back of the shop.
“What is?” asked Ana, pausing with her hand on the door knob.
“You’re so optimistic,” said Phillip.
Ana could feel herself blushing. “I’m really not.”
“Of course you are,” said Phillip. “You see Vinnie’s horrible art as atmosphere and flew across the country to start a new life. There is no way that’s not optimism.”
He gave her a small kiss on the cheek and Ana causing warmth to flow through Ana’s body.
“I’m going to go check in with Sandra.” He turned and made his way back to the front of the store.
Ana touched her cheek that still tingled from the kiss. It was such a small gesture, but she found herself frozen, not wanting the feeling of warmth to go away.
She shook herself out of it and forced herself to go through the back door leading to the staff lounge. As she walked she couldn’t help but wonder what the kiss meant.
“It meant nothing,” Ana mumbled to herself as she put her things away. “It was just an act of kindness.”
She thought back to the movies she had seen where people greeted each other with a kiss on each cheek. It was probably nothing out of the ordinary for him; a simple thank you for not being offended by Vinnie and making the art studio work, since they really had no other choice.
Ana sat at the table and pulled her sketch pad towards her. She had to stop over analyzing the kiss and get some collar and leash designs on paper. She started to think about Vinnie’s art and the long wisps of soft colors. Although some of his color combinations were questionable, the overall flow wasn’t bad.
Starting with light blue, she sketched a long leash and then started to add texture and pattern. Her hands moved across the page, without not only efficiency, but for love of what she was doing. It felt so good to design again. She hadn’t picked up her sketch pad since the debacle with Tweets.
Her mind turned back to Phillip’s kiss and before she knew what she was doing, she had drawn a light pink leash, with tiny three-dimensional hearts on it.
“Oh Ana, it was only a peck on the cheek,” she whispered to herself. “You’ve got to snap out of it.”

“Snap out of what?” asked Phillip, peeking his head in the door.

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