Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Only a Kiss ~ Part 59

“We’re good friends with mutual benefiting addictions, mine is to her sweet and spicy bacon, hers is to my shoes,” said Phillip, grabbing his sandwich. He took a bit and Ana thought she could hear his taste buds celebrating.
She grabbed her own sandwich and took a bite. She instantly felt her own taste buds explode as the sweet, yet salty with a kick of jalapeno at the end, flavors danced on her tongue.
“Oh my heavens,” Ana sighs as she finished her bite. “What is that? That is not normal bacon. Normal bacon is awesome, but this is like made from stardust and the laughter of angels awesome.”
Phillip laughed. “I couldn’t have said that better myself.”
“Me neither,” said a raspy voice from behind.
Ana turned to see a red-headed woman leaning on the side of the booth, her arms folded in a triumphant pose.
“Ana, I would like for you to meet Sally,” said Phillip. “Sally this is Anastasia Durrant, my new event coordinator.”
Sally laughed and Ana couldn’t help but laugh with her, even though she had no idea why they were laughing. Sally just had the kind of laugh that was contagious.
“Oh honey, he roped you into helping with that dog charity thing didn’t he?” Sally shook her head. “Your meal is on me. You’re gonna need the nourishment to put up with this mess.”
Phillip clasped his heart in mock hurt. “Sally, you wound me. Are you gonna comp my meal too?”
“Absolutely not,” said Sally. “I’m gonna go out on a limb and say nothing’s done for the doggie ball next month.”
Phillip hung his head. “You’d be right.”
Sally gave Ana a pat on the shoulder. “Like I said, you’re gonna need the nourishment. I’ll bring you some extra bacon.”
“Wow, she never gives anyone extra bacon,” said Phillip, looking genuinely astonished.
“I’m honored,” said Ana. “It is the absolutely best bacon I’ve ever had, care to share your secret?”
Sally cocked her head. “Basically, we fry it with jalapenos and maple syrup to lock in the sweet and spicy and then by itself to get it crispy.”
“But there’s something else, isn’t there,” said Ana. “I can taste it, but I can’t quite put my finger on it.”
Now it was Sally’s turn to look astonished. “Nothing, gets by you. Yes, there is one more thing but it’s a secret.”
“Well then,” said Ana, looking at Phillip. “I won’t push, a good chef must have her secrets.”
“I like her,” said Sally with another laugh. “You better not let this one go, like you have all the other nice girls, Phillip.”
Ana gave Phillip a curious look.
“Well, I’ll let you all enjoy your meal,” said Sally, before Ana could enquire more about the ‘other nice girls’. “I’ll have that extra bacon out in two shakes of a lamb’s tale.”
“So other nice girls, huh?” Ana gave Phillip a wry smile as Sally walked back to the kitchen.
“Sally’s just messing around,” said Phillip. “I usually eat alone.”
Ana pursed her lips. “That’s kind of sad.”
“Not really,” said Phillip, taking a sip of his coke. “Sally comes out to chat and I know almost all the waitstaff by their first names. I sometimes bring books or work on sketches.”
“Sketches?” asked Ana, her ears perking up.
“I dabble in shoe design,” said Phillip. “Nothing like what you’ve done at Beauxpieds.”
“Will you show them to me?” asked Ana.

“Never,” said Phillip with a laugh. 

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