Friday, April 29, 2016

Only a Kiss ~ Part 58

Her plan had been to bring her lunch to work and save her money. Katie had supplied her with everything she would need for a tasty lunch, but after her date with Brett, Ana walked on cloud nine through the whole morning. She was thinking about dinner, not lunch.
“That’s what happens to all the employees of P.S. Shoes. They are so excited to get to work, they completely forget about eating,” said Phillip with a smile. “How about I take you to lunch? I know a nice little cafe up the block that has an amazing club sandwich.”
“An amazing club, huh,” stated Ana as her stomach growled loudly. She laughed at herself. “I guess that’s a yes.”
Ana and Phillip walked through the park toward the little cafe.
“How long have you been in San Francisco?” asked Phillip.
“What is today?” asked Ana, with a coy smile.
“Wednesday,” answered Phillip, “the twenty-second.”
Ana laughed. “Then three days.”
“Three days?” Phillip shook his head. “Really?”
“Yes,” said Ana. “After my fallout with Robin.”
“You mean Tweets,” teased Phillip.
Ana chuckled and nodded. “Yes, Tweets, I also had a falling out with my mother.”
“I’m sorry,” said Phillip, instantly changing his tone.
Ana held up her hand. “It’s okay, it was a long time coming. So when Charles and Cindy Windsor offered up their beach house and a new start in San Francisco, I jumped at the chance.”
“And I’m guessing the person you had dinner with last night helped sway you into jumping,” said Phillip as he opened the door of the cafe for her.
“Actually, he had no idea I was coming,” said Ana. “I’m a bit embarrassed to confess that right before visiting your shoe store yesterday I kind of just showed up at his place of work. Not my best moment, I admit.”
The hostess showed them their table, a small booth by the window, and handed them their menus. Phillips waved the menus off. “We’ll both have the club sandwiches with the sweet and spicy bacon and your seasoned fries, please. I’ll have a coke. You?”
He pointed to Ana, who replied. “The same, thank you.”
The hostess smiled. “I’ll let your waitress know, she’ll be by soon with your drinks.”
“Thank you,” said Phillip before returning his attention to Ana. “So back to your stalking.”
Ana couldn’t help but smile at the way Phillip was acting so nonchalant about the situation.
“Well, to say it didn’t go as I had visualized is an understatement,” said Ana.
“Couldn’t have been that bad,” said Phillip. “He called you for a date.”
“It was bad,” said Ana, fighting the urge to cringe. “But we both admitted we had acted poorly, so last night was to clear the air.”
“He would have been a fool not to call,” said Phillip.
Ana tried to ignore the intensity in Phillip’s look. It was like he was being protective of her, yet there was something else she couldn’t quite place.
The waitress came over with their drinks and food. She smiled at Phillip. “Sally says the next time you place your order with Jamie, she’s cutting you off from the sweet and spicy bacon. All orders are to go through your waitstaff, not the hostess.”
Ana held her breath in anticipation of how Phillip would handle the situation, but he only grinned. “You tell Sally that if she tries to cut off my sweet and spicy bacon supply that I will be forced to cut off her shoe supply.”
The waitress gave him a wink. “Touché.”
Ana waited until the waitress was out of sight. “I take it you know Sally.”
“We’re good friends with mutual benefiting addictions, mine is to her sweet and spicy bacon, hers is to my shoes,” said Phillip, grabbing his sandwich. He took a bit and Ana thought she could hear his taste buds celebrating.
She grabbed her own sandwich and took a bite. She instantly felt her own taste buds explode as the sweet, yet salty with a kick of jalapeno at the end, flavors danced on her tongue. 

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