Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Only a Kiss ~ Part 57

“There is a table in the employee lounge,” said Phillip. He ran his fingers through his hair. “I’ll be honest, it’s not much, but hardly anyone uses it. Sandra and my other employees usually eat lunch out or to the park. But you could work there while planning for the event and then you’re more than welcome to work from home on the designs.”
Ana nodded, “That sounds great, lead the way.”
Ana spent the next few hours in the lounge making a plan for the ball. Even though it wasn’t her first time to organize an event, it felt as if it were because she didn’t have any of her reliable contacts she’d had at home. Had she been at home, she could have made a dozen calls and the event would be well on it’s way.
Phillip popped his head into the lounge door and frowned. “I’ve got your budget.”
“Is the reason you’re only popping your head in the door a sign that you’re afraid to come in?” asked Ana.
Phillip slowly walked in. “It’s not as much as I had hoped. Seems donations have been down this year for everyone. The Windsors were very generous as usual, but I’m sure this is a fraction of the budget you’re used to.”
Ana took the paper and bit her lip to keep her mouth from dropping open.
“I might add that the venue is free, as long as we keep Vinnie’s art up,” said Phillip.
“Well that does help,” said Ana as she looked at the figures again. Phillip hadn’t lied. The Windsors had been very generous as had P.S. Shoes, but he was right that it was a much lower total than she had expected.
“Can it be done?” asked Phillip.
Ana noticed her pay was included in the budget. She wasn’t disappointed in the figure and knew it would really help her get her feet back on the ground instead of mooching off the Windsors. She also decided that if she needed to take a pay cut to make the event work, she would. It was the least she could do to help Phillip out after he had given her the job.
“It’ll take some finesse, but it can be done,” said Ana, not entirely sure she was telling the truth. She was really going to have to be clever to make everything come together. “Would now be a good time to go take a look at Vinnie’s art studio?”
Phillip looked at his watch. “How about after lunch? Do you have any plans?”
Ana felt color flush her cheeks. “I’m embarrassed to say I left the house this morning without even a thought about lunch.”
Her plan had been to bring her lunch to work and save her money. Katie had supplied her with everything she would need for a tasty lunch, but after her date with Brett, Ana walked on cloud nine through the whole morning. She was thinking about dinner, not lunch.
“That’s what happens to all the employees of P.S. Shoes. They are so excited to get to work, they completely forget about eating,” said Phillip with a smile. “How about I take you to lunch? I know a nice little cafe up the block that has an amazing club sandwich.”

“An amazing club, huh,” stated Ana as her stomach growled loudly. She laughed at herself. “I guess that’s a yes.”

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