Friday, April 22, 2016

Only a Kiss ~ Part 56

“Great! It’s settled,” said Phillip standing quickly, causing Tess to jump up from her nap. He hurried around the desk. “This is perfect.”
“Wait, Phillip, I’m a shoe designer,” confessed Ana. “I know very little about dog accessories. I’ve never even had a dog.”
“Well, Tess can be your inspiration too,” said Phillip, obviously not fazed by her trepidation.
“I don’t know,” said Ana. “We could probably call around to some dog boutiques and find someone a lot more qualified.”
Phillip gently grabbed her hands. “We both know, due to my lack of experience and urgency that we don’t have time for that. I’m begging you to try and take a chance on yourself. If Elizabeth Windsor says you’re the best shoe designer she’s ever met, I’m sure you can design some outstanding collars and leashes.”
Ana shook her head. “I guess I could try, but I’m not making any promises.”
Phillip squeezed her hand. “You’ve got this, Ana.”
She felt Tess’s fur brush against her leg right before the dog leaned hard into the back of Phillip’s knees, causing him to buckle into Ana. She felt herself falling backwards, right before Phillip’s strong hands pull her forward into his strong arms.
Ana found herself swimming in Phillip’s ocean blue eyes as her heart raced. How had she never noticed how blue his eyes were before? They were absolutely breathtaking.
Phillip gave her a smile and they both let out an awkward laugh as he let go of her. He reached down and patted Tess’s head.
“Sorry about that,” he said to Ana. “I guess she thought I was giving you too much attention. So do you think you can do it?”
“Do what?” Ana was still thinking about Phillip’s eyes and she had goosebumps where his arms had been, as if her body was telling her to get them back around her.
“The leashes and collars?” Phillips raised an eyebrow.
Ana nodded, feeling heat rise to her cheeks. “As I said, I will try.”
“Thank you!” said Phillip. “I have a manufacturer here in town. I’ll give him a call and see if he’s able to help us out with production.”
“You have a collar and leash manufacturer?” asked Ana.
Phillip laughed and Ana felt it wash over her and warm her soul. She loved the way his laughed sounded, so genuine and pure, like sunshine after a cleansing rain.
“No,” he shook his head. “I have a guy who manufactures shoes. I’m going to see if he can put some of his staff to use making the collars and leashes out of the same material.”
“Oh,” said Ana, feeling a bit embarrassed. “That makes a lot more sense. Do you have an area I can work? I don’t need much really, just a table and decent lighting. I can make most of the event plans using my phone and laptop. But we’ll need to take some time to go look at the art studio so I can plan the décor.”
“There is a table in the employee lounge,” said Phillip. He ran his fingers through his hair. “I’ll be honest, it’s not much, but hardly anyone uses it. Sandra and my other employees usually eat lunch out or to the park. But you could work there while planning for the event and then you’re more than welcome to work from home on the designs.”

Ana nodded, “That sounds great, lead the way.”

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