Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Only a Kiss ~ Part 55

Ana gave him a nod, but felt uneasy about his call. She had done many events and most venues had to be booked a year in advance. She was going to have to think outside the box on this one. Maybe they could find something outside, since there would be dogs involved.
She hated the thought of holding a ball outside, there were just too many variable, specifically the weather. Sure, California had been in a drought, but she knew the minute they booked an outside venue without an inside backup plan the storm of the century would come rolling in and drench the ball, literally.
“Oh, thank you so much, Vinnie,” said Phillip into his cell phone. “Give Drools a scratch behind the ear for me.”
Ana sat on the edge of her seat. Maybe Phillip had come through and she sincerely hoped “Drools” was a dog.
“Well?” she asked the minute he put the phone on the desk.
“That was my friend, Vinnie Portsmouth, and he has a very large art studio near the Garden Hills Hotel that will needs some sprucing up, but will be perfect for a doggie ball. My aunt helped him adopt Drools a couple of years ago.”
“That’s great!” said Ana, she wondered how much “sprucing up” the place would need, but if she could make a warehouse in the Meat Packing District of New York into an enchanted forest, she could get an art studio dog and donor ready. She took her pen and made a large slash through “get venue” on her to-do list. “Alright, I’ll need to see the place soon, but for now get on that budget.”
“Can I just give you the total amount and you divvy it up?” asked Phillip.
Ana shook her head, “No sir, you’re the money guy. I’m the organizing girl. We can tweak it if we need to, but right now you’re in charge of the diamonds and I’m in charge of the doggies.” She snapped her fingers. “That’s it!”
Phillip looked behind him as if a neon sign had been placed behind his head. “What’s it?”
“The theme,” said Ana. “Doggies and Diamonds. It’s perfect. We can have all the donors come dressed in their fancy diamonds and clothes, but also have them dress their dogs up in swanky collars and leashes.”
“Collars and leashes we can sell online through the P.S. Shoes website beforehand,” said Phillip. “We’ll donate the profits of the collars to Longing Labs, and then have some even fancier stuff for a silent auction at the event.” He rubbed his chin. “I don’t suppose you know anyone who designs dog accessories?”
Ana bit her lip. “I’m afraid not. I could design some, but …”
“Great! It’s settled,” said Phillip standing quickly, causing Tess to jump up from her nap. He hurried around the desk. “This is perfect.”

“Wait, Phillip, I’m a shoe designer,” confessed Ana. “I know very little about dog accessories. I’ve never even had a dog.”

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