Friday, April 15, 2016

Only a Kiss ~ Part 54

“That is exactly what Elizabeth Windsor told me,” said Phillip. He smiled at the thought. “Man, I love that woman. She is a breath of fresh air. I bet we talked for an hour and I just couldn’t get enough of her southern charm. She also told me you were the best shoe designer she’d ever met and Beauxpieds were fools to fire you over the claims of Robin, which I’m guessing is Tweet.”
Ana felt the warmth seep back into her heart. Mrs. Windsor had not only stood up for her with Beauxpieds, but with her mother. The glowing recommendation made her want to cry on the spot.
“So as far as I’m concerned,” said Phillip, tapping his pen on his desk. “You’re overqualified to be here.”
Ana felt her heart, which was riding so high, sink.
“But as long as you’re willing to work for what the organization can pay, I’m going to swoop you up before the rest of the world gets a clue and offers you way more than our little doggie foundation can offer,” finished Phillip.
“I’d love to help,” said Ana. “And as I said yesterday, I really appreciate the offer. I hope you’re right about the rest of the world getting a clue one day, but as for now, I’m all yours.” She looked at her notebook. “Did you have a chance to think of a theme last night and also, when is the event.”
“I did not,” confessed Phillip. “But we have four weeks to come up with one.”
“So the event is three months from today?” Ana started to scribble some to-do notes. “It’ll be tricky, but I can make that work. I’ll need to know your overall budget, especially what you have set aside for marketing. Will you be doing interviews or your aunt?”
Phillip raised his eye brows at her. “We have four weeks total and what do you mean interviews?”
“For PR, you’ll need to go on the local news stations and talk about the event and your cause,” answered Ana, then slowly added. “What do you mean, four weeks total?”
“The ball is scheduled for four weeks from this Saturday.”
Ana dropped her notebook. She bent quickly to pick it up. “Wow, okay this will definitely be a challenge.”
Phillip rubbed his face with his hands and shook his head. “I’ve really dropped the ball, haven’t I? No pun intended.”
Ana smiled at him. “I’ll take the pun and yes, but if we can pull this off we’ll be the talk of the town.”
“So where do we start?” asked Phillip.
“I’m going to make a to-do list,” said Ana, flipping to a new page in her notebook. “You are going to get me a budget or make one so I know how much I can spend. Please tell me you at least have a venue.”
Phillip shook his head. “But, let me make a call. I know a place.”
Ana gave him a nod, but felt uneasy about his call. She had done many events and most venues had to be booked a year in advance. She was going to have to think outside the box on this one. Maybe they could find something outside, since there would be dogs involved.

She hated the thought of holding a ball outside, there were just too many variable, specifically the weather. Sure, California had been in a drought, but she knew the minute they booked an outside venue without an inside backup plan the storm of the century would come rolling in and drench the ball, literally.

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