Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Only a Kiss ~ Part 51

Ana shook her bad thoughts away. She didn’t know enough about Brett or Phillip to make assumptions.
“Tell me about Charles and Cindy,” said Brett, sitting back down. “How are those newlyweds doing?”
Ana was happy for the change in subject and spoke highly of Charles and Cindy and how they had helped her start her new life. They continued their easy conversation through the rest of dinner and with each time Brett laughed or smiled, Ana felt herself falling for him a little bit more.
After their long dinner, Brett had his driver take them to a lovely park near her house.
“We could just walk on the beach,” said Ana.
Brett shook his head. “Terrible idea, sand gets everywhere. Even when I take off my shoes and roll up my pant legs, I still go home leaving a trail of sand wherever I walk. Plus you never know what’s been on the beach before and what it’s left behind.”
Ana produced a pout and stared up at him. “You didn’t seem to mind last time.”
“True,” Brett conceded, “but if I took you on the beach, I wouldn’t get to show you this.”
Ana followed Brett’s gaze and let out a delightful gasp as they entered small water garden decorated in small yellow twinkle lights. The lights were hung on cords that disappeared in the darkness, making each twinkle light look like a firefly.
“It’s beautiful,” whispered Ana as she walked down the cobblestone path.
Brett took her hand and looped in the crook of his elbow as they strolled. “I thought you’d like it.”
“How’d you ever find it?” asked Ana.
“A work colleague got married here. There’s a rose garden just up the path that is pretty popular for weddings and parties,” said Brett.
Ana cocked her head. “So do you go to a lot of weddings?”
“As I said at dinner, I know most, if not all of the influential families here and on the east coast. Having worked with most of them, I do get invited to a lot of social functions, including weddings.”
“And I just bet you brought a pretty young thing to this very spot, just like you took me to the beach.” Ana gave Brett a playful nudge.
Brett led her to a nearby bench in front of a large koi pond. The fish danced under the water, then kissed the top, making little splashing noises that reminded Ana of soft rain.
“Actually, I’ve never brought any woman here,” said Brett as they sat. “You’re the only one. There’s just something about you Ana.” He grabbed both her hands gently. “Every ounce of my common sense was telling me to let things be after our encounter this afternoon. But I couldn’t get you out of my mind. I knew I had to make things right, because the thought of never seeing you again made my whole body burn with despair.”
Ana bit her lip, not knowing what to say. She had no idea Brett felt so strongly for her. She had thought their night on the beach had only left her walking away with strong emotions.

Brett glanced at her lips, then her eyes, before they both leaned forward and kissed. 

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