Friday, April 1, 2016

Only a Kiss ~ Part 50

The waitress came, took their drink orders and announced their special for the day was Lobster Eggs Benedict with grilled asparagus.
“Oh that sounds good,” said Ana.
“Breakfast for dinner it is,” said Brett handing the waitress their menus and then adding a nice soft wine to go with their meals.
As the waitress left Brett leaned forward and grabbed Ana’s hand. “I really am sorry for today. I acted foolish. Do you forgive me?”
Ana’s cheeks grew hot as she thought about her humiliation. It was something she never wanted to relive, but he did seem sincere in his apology and other than his fresh comments about devouring her neck, he had been a complete gentleman.
“I do forgive you,” said Ana. “It was unfair of me to take you by surprise like that. Let’s just start over from the point of this lovely date, shall we?”
“Sounds like a plan,” said Brett, giving the back of her hand a little kiss. “Tell me more about your new job.”
Ana let out a small giggle. “To tell you the truth I thought I’d be selling shoes when I asked Phillip for the job, but once he found out I have experience in organizing events he put me in charge of this charity ball for Labrador Retrievers.”
“They do have an organization for everything now-a-days, don’t they,” said Brett, with a shake of his head.
“Well,” said Ana, remembering what Phillip had told her, “labs are one of the top ten dogs euthanized in shelters every year. So this organization, Longing Labs, works to find forever homes for the dogs so that doesn’t happen.”
“Longing Labs?” Brett rubbed his jaw. “Is that the organization owned by the Stanleys?”
“Yes, I’m working with Phillip Stanley on the project, but I believe his aunt runs the organization,” said Ana.
“Ahh, yes, Phillip Stanley and P.S. Shoes,” said Brett. He paused while the waitress delivered their dinner and poured the wine. “The Stanleys have been around this area a long time. Some say they struck it rich in gold and then in black gold. But Phillip is no trust fund baby, his shoe store is one of the fastest growing businesses in the Bay area.”
“You sure know a lot about the Stanleys and the shoe store,” said Ana, raising an eyebrow. “I wouldn’t expect you to be so interested in shoes.”
“It’s part of my job,” explained Brett. “I know all the influential families in this area and most of them on the east coast. It’s hard to walk in any park or museum without seeing the Stanley name on the donation placard. Not to mention once P.S. Shoes gets to a certain point I have interested buyers.”
“Buyers?” Ana took a sip of wine. “Do you think Phillip will sell? From what you’ve told me, it’s not like he needs the money.”
Brett produced a wicked grin. “For the right price, everyone sells, sweetheart.”
The little hairs on the back Ana’s neck rose and she shivered. She did not like the tone of Brett’s voice or the thought of Phillip selling P.S. Shoes to him.
“You’re cold,” said Brett, standing and taking off his jacket. He walked around and placed it around her shoulders. “Here, this should warm you up.”
Ana shook her bad thoughts away. She didn’t know enough about Brett or Phillip to make assumptions.
“Tell me about Charles and Cindy,” said Brett, sitting back down. “How are those newlyweds doing?”

Ana was happy for the change in subject and spoke highly of Charles and Cindy and how they had helped her start her new life. They continued their easy conversation through the rest of dinner and with each time Brett laughed or smiled, Ana felt herself falling for him a little bit more. 

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