Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Only a Kiss ~ Part 49

He gently grabbed both her hands. “And now look at you in that dress. It makes your eyes sparkle and the way you’ve tied your hair up makes me want to devour your neck in such a way we’ll miss our dinner reservations and it would not be at all gentleman
like.” He gave her a wicked smile that made Ana’s cheeks burn.
“Should I take it down so you won’t be tempted?” asked Ana.
“It would be safer for you if you did,” said Brett.
“Fine, then I’ll leave it up,” said Ana, returning his wicked grin. “Shall we go?”
Brett’s eyebrows rose as he opened the door for her and then lead her to the fancy black Cadillac waiting for them. The driver opened the door and Ana slid in.
“Doesn’t anyone in this city drive themselves?” asked Ana.
“Not if we can help it,” answered Brett, sliding into the car behind her.
As the car pulled out of Ana’s driveway, Brett cleared his throat. “I hope I didn’t ruin your day after our … um … unfortunate reunion.”
“Actually,” said Ana. “I bounced back rather quickly. In fact I saved a man’s life and got a job.”
“Well this sounds intriguing,” said Brett.
Ana retold the events of the day and as she finished the car pulled in front of a seaside restaurant.
“You’ve had a busy day,” said Brett as he got out of the car and offered his hand to help Ana out of the car.
“As I said, I bounce back quickly,” said Ana.
They walked into the restaurant and the host led them to a small table overlooking the ocean waves. Ana released a happy sigh. “I just can’t get over how beautiful the Pacific Ocean is. I mean, I love our oceans on the East coast, but I’ve never seen anything this magnificent.”
“Yes, it’s very nice,” said Brett, pulling the car out for Ana.
“For some reason, I believe you pay little attention to the ocean,” said Ana.
Brett sat across from her. “You’re right. I’m a bit of a workaholic, so I don’t get many walks on the beach or even time to gaze at it. I can see the ocean from my penthouse, but truth be told, I’m sure I couldn’t sleep if I had to listen to the waves all night long.”
“Really?” Ana cocked her head. “I find they’re the perfect lullaby.”
Brett let out a laugh. “To me the sounds of cars and sirens are my lullaby. I grew up in New York and too much quiet makes me nervous. It’s like the jungle, when things go quiet you better be scared because there’s something wicked afoot.”
“Look at you Mr. National Geographic,” laughed Ana.
“I find animal documentaries relax me,” said Brett.
“So like cute little squirrels playing in the trees or lions pouncing on gazelles documentaries?” asked Ana.
“Whatever’s on,” said Brett. “It’s usually background noise while I work.”
“You are a workaholic,” said Ana.
The waitress came, took their drink orders and announced their special for the day was Lobster Eggs Benedict with grilled asparagus.
“Oh that sounds good,” said Ana.
“Breakfast for dinner it is,” said Brett handing the waitress their menus and then adding a nice soft wine to go with their meals.

As the waitress left Brett leaned forward and grabbed Ana’s hand. “I really am sorry for today. I acted foolish. Do you forgive me?”

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