Friday, March 25, 2016

Only a Kiss ~ Part 48

Chapter 9

Ana’s doorbell rang at precisely seven-thirty. She rushed to the door and then stopped and took three long breaths. She knew Brett was waiting on the other side, but the last thing she wanted was to open the door winded and looking overeager. She had given herself a pep talk the entire time she was getting ready for the date. She would not act desperate. She would not put Brett on a pedestal and she would not be anybody but herself. If he didn’t like that, than she would follow Cindy’s advice and throw him to the curb.
She smiled at the thought. She bet a woman had never thrown Brett to the curb and wouldn’t that be a surprise to him. As happy as she was for the date, she hadn’t forgotten how he acting during their afternoon meeting.
Brett rang the doorbell again. Ana waited one more beat and then answered it with a smile.
“Wow, don’t you look radiant,” said Brett with a whistle. “Had you worn that dress this afternoon you might have received a much different reaction.”
Ana’s smile fell.
Brett bit back his words. “I’m sorry, that didn’t come out right. Let me start over … again.” He ran his hand through his black hair. “It’s not often a woman makes me step on my own tongue, but you’ve done it to me twice today. I was a complete fool this afternoon. I don’t like surprises, never have, especially at work. I have a reputation and I’m afraid that being surprised by you and how lovely you looked, I went overboard trying to prove to my colleagues that I wasn’t completely overwhelmed by your presence.”
He gently grabbed both her hands. “And now look at you in that dress. It makes your eyes sparkle and the way you’ve tied your hair up makes me want to devour your neck in such a way we’ll miss our dinner reservations and it would not be at all gentlemanlike.” He gave her a wicked smile that made Ana’s cheeks burn.
“Should I take it down so you won’t be tempted?” asked Ana.
“It would be safer for you if you did,” said Brett.

“Fine, then I’ll leave it up,” said Ana, returning his wicked grin. “Shall we go?”

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