Friday, March 18, 2016

Only a Kiss ~ Part 46

Ana knelt beside Phillip and cupped Tess’s head in her hands. “Well, aren’t you a lucky doggy. You really shouldn’t run away from this nice man.” She looked at Phillip. “So is Tessy going to become your forever dog?”
Phillip stood and Ana stood with him. “As much as I’d like to say yes, I’m honest enough with myself to know I’m not home enough to give Tess what she needs.”
“So you’re just doggy sitting then?” Ana gave him a wink.
“Kind of,” said Phillip.
“Again with the kind of,” said Ana with a smile.
“This was all going to wait until the morning, but I guess now as good of a time as any,” said Phillip. “I mean if you have a minute or two to talk, that is.”
“Of course,” said Ana, she gestured to large living room. “Please have a seat, would you like some tea or water?”
“A water would be great,” said Phillip. “My impromptu run down the beach after this girl has left me parched.”
“One water coming right up.”
As Ana started to the kitchen she heard Tess’s soft paws behind her. Phillip must have unlatched her to roam while they had their conversation. As she grabbed a bowl from the cabinet she was glad Phillip was there. It would give her a chance to get her mind off her devastating meeting with Brett.
She filled the bowl with water and placed it on the floor for Tess and then filled two glasses with water from a pitcher she kept in the fridge.
She walked back into the living room where Phillip was looking at the pictures on the mantle. “So the Windsors are your in-laws?”
“Yes,” said Ana, handing him a glass of water. “Well, my stepsister is married to Charles, so kind of.” She gave him a playful smirk before sitting in a large white chair.
“Nice family to have in your corner,” said Phillip, following her cue and sitting on the sofa across from her. “They’ve donated a lot of money to my aunt’s organization and are instrumental in funding this charity ball we’re putting on for my aunt. P.S. Shoes is the main sponsor, but I couldn’t do it without families like the Windsors.”
“I’m make sure to let Cindy and Charles know how much you appreciate them,” said Ana. “What is the name of your aunt’s organization?”
“Longing Labs,” said Phillip.
“Awww, because they’re all longing for a forever home,” Ana said as Tess walked over and laid by her feet.
“You know she’s up for adoption right,” said Phillip giving the homey scene a smile.
Ana smiled back. “If only, but again I’m a bit homeless right now. If it weren’t for Cindy and Charles, I’m not sure where I’d be.”
“I’m glad you’re here,” said Phillip. “As happy as I am to fund the ball and organize the donors, I know very little about actually putting one on. Auntie was hoping that having Tess around would inspire me, but I’m getting the impression she really wants to inspire me to take adopt her.”
“If only you could keep up,” said Ana with a laugh.
Phillip laughed with her. “Right?”
“Does the ball have a theme?” asked Ana.

“A theme? Do I need one of those and where can I buy it?”

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