Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Only a Kiss ~ Part 45

“I’ve got her leash, so I’ll come to you,” said the man. “I’m afraid she got away from me during our walk.”
“It happens,” said Ana with a smile, before giving the man her address.
“I’ll be there in five,” said the man, right before hanging up.
“Good news, Tessy, your daddy is coming to get you,” said Ana.
Tess let out a little grumble as if to state, “If you say so.”
Ana walked over to her and sat beside her on the carpet. “Now, don’t be like that. He seems like a very nice gentleman. He did take you for a walk on the beach after all.” She rubbed the dog’s head. “He was out there looking for you. I think you could do a lot worse when it comes to owners.
Tess put her head in Ana’s lap, causing Ana to laugh. “Well aren’t you an ornery puppy. First, I can’t have a dog right now. I just started a new job and this isn’t even my house. Second, you already belong to someone and it just wouldn’t be right for me to snatch you away.”
Tess’s head lifted, right before she ran to the front door and started to bark happily. Seconds later the doorbell rang.
“I guess that’s your owner,” said Ana, getting off the floor and walking to the door.
She grabbed Tess gently by the collar so she wouldn’t bolt out the front door and opened it. She stepped back as her mouth opened in shock. “Mr. Stanley?”
Phillip gave her a confused smile. “You live here?”
Ana could feel herself blushing. “It belongs to my brother-in-law, they are graciously letting me stay here for a while.” Ana squared her shoulders. It was highly unorthodox for an employer to see a new employee out at home. “Might I ask why you’re here?”
Phillip pointed to Tess. “That’s my dog.”
“What? Really?” Ana took a step back. “Sorry, I was just so surprised to see you. Please, come in.”
Phillip ran his hand through his hair has he came inside. “Yeah, I was pretty surprised too. What are the odds?” He knelt beside Tess as Ana let go of her collar. “Hey, there girl. Did you have a nice run? Next time let me catch up, will ya?”
“So you must live close by,” said Ana.
“About a dozen houses down the shore,” said Phillip. He attached the leash to Tess’s collar. “And Tess here actually belongs to my aunt, well kind of.”
“Kind of?” Ana cocked her head.
“She’s a foster parent for labs, like Tess here,” explained Phillip. “My aunt runs an organization to help Labrador retrievers find forever homes. You see, labs are one of the most popular breeds of dogs, but a lot of people buy them as puppies when they’re small, cute, and cuddly, but then they grow up to be dogs with lots of energy. So unfortunately they wind up in shelters, because they’re owners aren’t equipped to handle a large, energetic dog.”

Ana knelt beside Phillip and cupped Tess’s head in her hands. “Well, aren’t you a lucky doggy. You really shouldn’t run away from this nice man.” She looked at Phillip. “So is Tessy going to become your forever dog?”

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