Friday, March 11, 2016

Only a Kiss ~ Part 44

Ana laughed again. “And you are the best sister a girl could have.”
“Yes,” said Cindy with confidence and a giggle. “I am. Now you listen to your best sister and go for a walk on the beach. Let the water tickle your toes as the ocean breeze washes over your face. It’ll restore your sole, trust me.”
“Oh Cindy, I do, so much,” said Ana. “Love you.”
“Love you, too.”

Chapter 8

The line went dead and Ana took this as her cue to follow Cindy’s advice and go walking on the beach. She had walked most of the day, but the thought of her toes on the sand made all her weariness fade away.
She closed the windows and walked down the worn path to the beach. Doing just as Cindy instructed Ana walked to the water’s edge and let the ocean waves wash over her toes as the wind gently blew her hair back. She closed her eyes and listed to the waves crash on the break as they made their way into shore.
A gull cried out and a dog barked. Ana opened her eyes as the barking grew louder. She scanned the beach and found a skinny chocolate lab frolicking in the waves. Ana couldn’t help but laugh as the dog bounced with delight in the waves with her tongue out.
As if realizing she was being watched the dog stopped, looked at Ana, and then barreled toward her with a friendly bark. Ana crouched so she could be eye level with the dog as it galloped to her and practically leapt into her arms.
Ana rubbed the dog’s head. “Hey girl, where’d you come from? Having fun, are you?”
She stood and shaded her eyes with her palm as she scanned the beach for the dog’s owner, but the beach was empty. She squatted down again and gave the dog a good ear scratch as she felt for a collar and tag.
“Okay, let’s see you who belong to,” Ana said to the dog as she slid her hands around the collar to the tag. “It says your name is, Tess.” The dog gave her a lick to the cheek as if to confirm. Ana laughed. “Okay Tess, let’s go up to the house and call your owner, shall we?”
Tess happily trotted next to Ana as she made her way back up the hill to the house. She grabbed a towel from the rack on the back deck and wiped her feet off before using the towel to get the sand and grit off Tess. As the entered the house, Tess walked right over to the rug in front of the fire place and laid down, making herself at home.
Ana smiled as she grabbed her cell phone and dialed the number she had gotten off the collar.
“Hello?” came a man’s voice. He was a bit hard to make out as the wind blew into his phone, telling Ana he was outside. She figured he was looking for Tess.
“Hi, yes, I believe I’ve found your dog,” said Ana.
“Tess?” said the man.
“Yes,” said Ana, “would you like me to bring her to you or do you want to come to me?”
“I’ve got her leash,” said the man. “I’m afraid she got away from me during our walk.”
“It happens,” said Ana with a smile, before giving the man her address.
“I’ll be there in five,” said the man, right before hanging up.

“Good news, Tessy, your daddy is coming to get you,” said Ana. 

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