Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Only a Kiss ~ Part 43

Ana sighed. Brett had looked at her as if she were gum on the bottom of his Italian leather Gucci’s and wasn’t that what she was … an annoyance. How could she have possibly believed that showing up at his workplace was a good idea?
She slapped her forehead. “Duh, Ana, you are a stalker.”
Ana’s cell phone buzzed beside her and she considered ignoring it until she saw Cindy’s smiling face. Cindy was just the person Ana needed to talk to after such an up and down day. She would put it all in perspective and Ana would walk away from the phone call feeling better about the world.
“Hi Cindy, I’m so glad you called,” said Ana.
“I was just wondering how your first full day in San Fran went,” said Cindy. Her voice was so chipper, Ana could hear the smile in her voice.
“Well, not exactly as planned, I can tell you that,” said Ana. She went on to rehash the day, talking of her lovely tour with Katie, her devastating meet up with Brett, and her serendipitous encounter with Phillip.
“Wow, that is quite the day,” said Cindy.
“Tell me about it,” said Ana, with a laugh. “I just wish the meeting with Brett had gone differently. If I’m being honest. I wish I hadn’t gone to his office at all.”
“I’m glad you did,” said Cindy, surprising Ana.
“You are?”
“Yes,” said Cindy. “Now you can get on with life without wondering about the ‘what ifs’ with Brett. It was a lovely thought and I had hoped he was your Prince Charming, but now that we know he’s not, you can move on. You were brave and optimistic and I love that about you, Ana. Don’t let him ruin that part of you.”
“I guess so,” said Ana, feeling some of her embarrassment fade.
“Besides,” said Cindy. “Had Brett swept you off your feet and carried you into the sunset you wouldn’t have gone for that walk and you wouldn’t have been there to give that Phillip guy his EpiPen. Who knows what would’ve happened had you not been there.”
“I’m sure Phillip would’ve come to his sense and administered his own EpiPen,” said Ana.
“I’m not so sure,” said Cindy. “Remember when Deidra tricked me into eating those peanut butter brownies. All I could think was, ‘I can’t breathe. This is how I’m going to die, by eating chocolate laced with peanuts.’ I never once thought about my EpiPen until you stabbed me in the leg with it.”
“Really?” Ana shook her head, even though she knew Cindy couldn’t see her. “Seems like finding your EpiPen would be the first thing to run through your mind.”
“You panic,” explained Cindy. “Anyway I know I did and it sounds like Phillip panicked and that other lady was too busy screaming to help. He was really lucky you were there and reacted instead of panicked. Face it, Anastasia Durrant, you’re a hero.”
Ana laughed again. “And you are the best sister a girl could have.”
“Yes,” said Cindy with confidence and a giggle. “I am. Now you listen to your best sister and go for a walk on the beach. Let the water tickle your toes as the ocean breeze washes over your face. It’ll restore your sole, trust me.”
“Oh Cindy, I do, so much,” said Ana. “Love you.”
“Love you, too.”

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