Friday, March 4, 2016

Only a Kiss ~ Part 42

Ana thought of numerous balls she had helped Tilde organize through her twenty-eight years. She was a walking encyclopedia of what needed to happen for a ball to be a success. She smiled at Phillip. “I can honestly say I know as much about charity events as I do shoes.”
Phillip’s smile grew even wider. “I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.”
Casablanca, huh,” said Ana. “In that case, I do believe it is.”
After arranging to meet with Phillip the next morning and discuss her future role at P.S. Shoes, Ana texted Jeffery and had him meet her on the other side of the park. She didn’t want Phillip seeing a fancy car picking her up and jumping to the conclusion she had a lot of money.
“Nice walk, Miss?” asked Jeffery opening the door.
She stood for a minute before entering the car. “Actually, it turned out quite well. I saved a man’s life and got a job.”
“Seems like a nice walk indeed, Miss,” said Jeffery shutting the door.
All the walking had worn Ana out and she dozed as Jeffery drove her home. He woke her gently as they pulled into the drive. “Miss, we’re here.”
“Thank you, Jeffery,” said Ana, before biting her lip. “Jeffery, I’m afraid I’m going to have to impose on you more than I thought. You see the job is across the park from where you picked me up and I can’t bike there, would it be too much of a hassle to take me to and from the park each day? Just until I can save enough for a car of my own?”
“No trouble at all, Miss.” He quickly got out and opened her door. “But might I ask, why the park and not your new place of employment?”
Ana shrugged as she got out of the car. “Well, if they see me pull up with you my co-workers will certainly get jealous that I have such a handsome man escorting me around and it will cause work drama before I’ve even started. You’re just too handsome to be seen with Jeffery.”
Jeffery blushed. “Thank you for saying so, Miss, but I reckon you don’t want to be seen driving up in a fancy car with a driver, giving people the impression you don’t need the job.”
“Well, if you already knew why did you ask?” Ana gave him a playful tap.
“Just fishing for a compliment, Miss,” Jeffery said with a half-smile, before tipping his hat. “Good day.”
“Good day, Jeffery,” said Ana as she walked into the house and prided herself by remembering the combination to the security system. She kicked off her shoes and opened the large windows letting the ocean air blow through the living room, before taking a seat in a large white chair that faced the windows.
Her day had been a roller coaster and Ana was glad to be off the wild ride. As happy as she was she could help Phillip and ended up snagging a job at his store, she couldn’t shake the disappointment of her meeting with Brett.
She knew she had built the relationship up in her mind. She had a habit of doing that and blamed the endless chick flicks and fairy tales she had grown up with. In her mind, he was destined to be hers and they would live happily ever after. In his mind, she had been a nice flirt and passionate kiss on the beach, nothing more.
Ana sighed. Brett had looked at her as if she were gum on the bottom of his Italian leather Gucci’s and wasn’t that what she was … an annoyance. How could she have possibly believed that showing up at his workplace was a good idea?

She slapped her forehead. “Duh, Ana, you are a stalker.”

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